Tournament Resources

We've collected a number of resources for you to make running your tournament super smooth:

A guide of what should be doing to prepare at key benchmarks leading up to your event.

An example of how the tournament can be formatted and a projected schedule of the day.

List your tournament on for others to find.

A checklist to help you make sure you have everything you need for the day of your event.

A sheet that tells teams who they should be playing in each round of pool play.

Two variations of sheets to take scores on. One variation works great if you're using our score calculating spreadsheet and the other is perfect if you're going to be calculating ranks manually.

A spreadsheet that automatically creates pool play matchups. Once you input scores, it automatically does the calculations to rank teams.

Instructions to create and order a bracket board to use at your event.

Some venues will require event insurance in order to issue permits. If this is the case you can purchase event insurance through Spikeball here. Any questions please email

Spikeball wants to sponsor big thinkers and community builders for the 2019 season.