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Organizations in 2024

Organizations around the world are helping to support the sport at the local level and beyond. We want to come alongside you to support your roundnet needs!

Organizations are eligible for heavily discounted equipment and swag. Here are more details about what we're looking for in a roundnet organization and what we want to offer.

What we look for:
  • Interest in all skill levels (cannot just be concerned about top level players).
  • Dedicated community member.
  • Demonstrated ability to run successful events.
  • Tech savvy, comfortable with digital and social platforms.
  • Growth mindset, excited about marketing and reaching new people.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, roll-up-the-sleeves attitude.
  • Commitment - we want long term sustainability along with hard work.
What Spikeball Asks:
  • Build an environment that welcomes and encourages new players and promotes diversity.
  • If safe, consistently host events - run a minimum of 4 tournaments/leagues per year and establish consistent league or pick-up play.
  • Work with local parks and rec departments and schools to get Spikeball more involved in the community (State games, professional development, etc.).
  • Put events on the Spikeball App & - pick-up games, leagues, and tournaments.
  • Provide updates on key metrics and participate in calls, meetings, and online communication as necessary within reason.
  • Include Spikeball sponsor branding on your website and social media channels and occasionally share/re-post Spikeball Inc news and announcements.
  • Be a positive representative of the Spikeball brand.
What Spikeball Provides:
  • Official SAO Badge - can be put on website, event pages, or printed materials to establish credibility.
  • Discounts - Receive our steepest discounts to stock up for the season on sets, balls and more.
  • Sponsorship opportunities.
  • Use of Spikeball™ trademarks (with approval).
Think you're a good fit? We're glad to hear it.