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Meet the STS Team

PC: @yellowballcult

Jack Scotti

VP, Strategy & Sport Development

The Spikeball Jack-of-all-trades. This guy does everything, including helping to run the International Roundnet Federation.

PC: @yellowballcult

Nora White

Senior Sport Development Manager

The Queen herself. She can answer any question about tournaments in her sleep.

PC: @spikeballtourseries

Andrew Gasaway

Event Logistics Manager

You know him, you love him. He's the man in the van and he runs a killer livestream.

PC: @ryderriva

Joelle Nguyen

Sports Marketing Manager

She loves competing in roundnet, but also the community, especially Women's Roundnet.

PC: Robert Austin

Skyler Boles

Director of Play

Half of OG legends Chico Spikes and an absolute rockstar at Spikeball Inc. He's working on growing roundnet from the bottom up every day.

PC: Robert Austin

Alex Touzel

Fwango (Owner and Developer)

He's revolutionized the way tournaments run and we couldn't be prouder to have him on the team.