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Calculating Scores

Entering and Calculating Scores
The spreadsheet is a .xlsm file, but sometimes the download converts it to .xlsx. If this happens you can still open the file by renaming the extension .xlsm before opening.

For larger tournaments it can be stressful to do all the calculations for seedings, but using a spreadsheet reduces the work and any errors.

    • People to enter scores
    • Fully charged computer (back up power if possible)
    • Spikeball Scoring Spreadsheet - download above
    • Filled out score taking sheets - see Reporting Scores for Spreadsheet entry here
    • Nice to have: Someone to read scores to the people entering it on the computers
How it Works
  • Once pools are set, enter the team name and the corresponding pool letter and number.
    • Example: Team Name - Alpha, Pool - A1

  • Hit the “Generate Pools” button
    • NOTE: all teams and pools must be set and correct before you generate pools. You can’t easily make changes after generating pools.
  • After hitting “Generate Pools” it will make a tab for each pool with all the matchups.
  • After entering scores, the winners and point diff will calculate automatically. If there is a tie, enter an "f" in the score column for the team receiving the win.

  • Once all the scores are entered, go to the Roster tab and copy cell M6, “”Newest Pool into cell M5, “Pool Sheet to Use” and it will automatically rank all of the teams.  

  • On the “Seeds” tab, you will see all of the teams ranked in order
    • Any ties will be indicated in red
    • Flip a coin to determine who gets the higher rank and change it on the sheet

  • The Bracket tabs will give you the order of the teams in a 64, 32, or 16 team bracket to make filling out the team names easier. You can use the Bracket tab to enter bracket results too. Fill in the scores and teams will automatically advance.  
Step by Step Video