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Spikeball Trademark Usage

There are a few things we LOVE and TREASURE here at Spikeball Inc: the game of roundnet, our mom, a good palindrome, taco cat, and of course the Spikeball logo and trademarks. Spikeball”TM”, Spikebuoy”TM”, Spikebrite”TM” are widely trademarked in dozens of countries around the world.

So please do not ever use the Spikeball logo and trademarks, including slogans, without prior written consent from Spikeball, Inc. This includes apparel, team/club names, team/club logos, event names, event logos & social media accounts.

We recommend using the name of the sport, "roundnet" instead. Please email with any trademark inquiries.

Trademarked Logos (DO NOT USE):

Permitted Jersey Vendor:

To have a Spikeball logo on your jersey, they must be purchased through VII Apparel Co. As the official apparel partner of Spikeball, VII provides great discounts on jerseys for teams and players and have exclusive logo use.

Permission to use a Spikeball logo on any other apparel items but me approved by Spikeball Inc. Please email to do so.

Permitted Graphics: