Add Your Tournament

Each year hundreds of independent roundnet tournaments take place all over the world. Here on our tournament site, we aggregate all of the independent tournaments so that everything can easily be found in one place.

If your tournament is over 2 months away, you will be unable to add it on the App at this time. Please send an email to and we can update that for you on the backend.

Step 1:

Download the Spikeball App!
If you already have the App, make sure it's updated. The tournament feature update was released in November!


Step 2:

Select Create new game and then choose "Tournament" and hit next

Step 3

Enter the details of your tournament and then select "Create Tournament"
Your event will live on the Spikeball App as well as the Independent Tournaments Page. Now the whole world can find out about it! It may take a day or two for your event to be added to site so please be patient. Tournaments will only be added if there is a URL link to an info/registration page. If you need help, you can always email  

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