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Independent Event Sponsorship


Spikeball wants to sponsor big thinkers and community builders for the 2019 season.

Independent events are crucial to the growth of the sport. They foster local competition, reduce barriers to entry, and create laboratories of innovation.

Over the years, we’ve seen organizers bring big ideas to life. Sometimes that comes in the way of testing new formats, establishing partnerships, or using events to do good in the community. It can be as simple as building awareness, consistency, and inclusivity for local players. Other times it’s just doing something completely wacky and fun.

In all cases, it’s about bringing community together. These events keeps us learning, improving, and challenging the status quo. We know that sometimes you need help to get an idea off the ground and we think that’s worth investing in!


What we’re looking for

These are the types of things we’d like to sponsor:

Large Tournaments
50+ teams, inclusive and supportive of new players of all ages, skills, and backgrounds

There are a lot of places where it’s hard for Spikeball to put on a tournament, but where we would absolutely love to see large tournaments take place. We know running large events well takes a lot of time, planning, and resources. We want to support more accessibility to large, high-quality events.

Leagues / Pick Up
20+ participants, inclusive and supportive of new players of all ages, skills, and backgrounds

We haven’t dabbled in leagues, but we think that they’re really important to building local communities. While tournaments are great for competition, leagues/pick up events provide a place to get consistent games, hone your skills, and connect with people in your area. We understand coordinating schedules, securing space, and communicating with participants is a big commitment. We want to support more accessibility to consistent, organized league play.


With both tournaments and leagues there’s no one right way to do things. We’re looking for people who want to test new concepts and share best practices. We want people who see a better possibility and make it happen. This could be through experimenting with format, rules, technology, partnerships, or any other aspect that would improve the player experience.


What we’re asking for

  • Goals and Planning - clearly be able to tell us what you’re trying to accomplish, the steps you’ll take to get there, how you’ll measure success, and the benchmarks along the way.  

  • Communication and Reporting - Keep us in the loop along the way and let us know how it went. Share data and content from your events. What did you try, what worked, what failed, and what insights were gained?

  • Building Community - Show us how your efforts introduced new people to the sport and strengthened the community.


What we can offer

  • Financial support (up to $1000 based on demonstrated need and impact)

  • Equipment and gear

  • Marketing support to help create awareness and engagement


How to apply

To apply please send an email to tournaments@spikeball.com with the following information:

  • Contact info - name, email, phone number, address

  • Your background with roundnet/Spikeball

  • History and data from past events (how long have you been running events, do you have annual events, how have your events grown or changed over the years, what type of players do you get at your events, etc.)

  • What is your goal? What are your objective measures of success?

  • What are you going to do that’s innovative? Why will people want to participate?

  • How will you make sure your event/league is inclusive to all types of players?

  • How will you market your event/league/pickup?

  • What sort of support are you looking for? If Spikeball were to write you a check what would you put it towards?



  • Applications will be accepted for the first round of sponsorship from Nov 7 - Dec 15.

  • All applicants will be notified by December 21.

While we’d love to sponsor everyone, there are limited resources. Even if your event has been sponsored by us in the past or seems like a perfect fit that does not guarantee that it will be sponsored.