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*We don't know if the Coronavirus will potentially affect any Spikeball events, but are monitoring the situation and will follow the advice and recommendations of the CDC and local public health officials. If there is any change in the status we'll let everyone know. We recommend that players take personal precautions; don't travel if you're high risk, feeling sick, or have been around someone that is sick. With this uncertainty, we also recommend adding travel insurance to trips.*

University of Maryland

April 18th, 2020 - Individual Bracket
April 19th, 2020 - Club Bracket

Are you the best college team in the country? What school has the best club? Will anyone take down UGA? We will find out soon!

Team registration starting at $40


Think you're the best? Prove it. This division will include some top teams as well as newer players who want to test their skills.
If you are newer or still honing your skills this is the division for you. This division will play by all of the official rules and is intended for people who want competition but are still developing their game.
We are excited to see college lady ballers play in the inaugural Women's division.


7:45am - 8:30am: All teams arrive to check-in
8:45am: Opening announcements
9:00am - 11:00am: Pool play
11:00am - 11:30am: Lunch break

11:30am - 5:00pm: Individual Bracket play
7:00pm: Player party
7:45am - 8:30am: All teams arrive to check-in
8:45am: Opening announcements
9:00am -
4:00pm: Club Bracket play


Individual Bracket
Pool play followed by bracket play. All teams can compete.
Club Bracket
This is where schools go head to head in a squad bracket. Squads of 3 compete against another squad and the school to win the most matchups moves on!

Venue Address


Field Surface


Parking Information


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Travel Information


We will have a discounted room block near UMD. More information coming soon!

Local Airports

DCA - 18 miles (roughly $40 ride)
BWI - 30 miles (roughly $50 ride)
IAD - 36 Miles (roughly $60 ride)

Event Day Information

Can I play in multiple divisions?

Due to the format of the tournament, you may only play in one division per day. But teams may compete in the individual and club brackets.

Can I play with my friend from a different school?

No, all teams must have players that are enrolled in the same school.

How does the Club Bracket work?

The Club tournament will begin in bracket play and the Squad's seeding will be determined by the Squads combined points based on final placements of the teams from the Individual Bracket. See points below in rankings section. The matchups in the Club Bracket will put the Squads’ 3 individual teams (1v1 2v2 3v3) against the other Squads’ 3 teams.  
The order of the individual teams as part of the Squad will be determined by the placement of the teams in Individual Bracket play. If two teams from the same Squad are knocked out in the same round of the Individual Bracket, the point differential in that round will determine which team is seeded higher. If point differential is the same then whichever team had the higher seed entering bracket play is the higher team. If two Squads have the same combined point total then the Squad with the higher finishing team in the Individual Bracket gets the higher seed.
The Squad that wins 2 out of the 3 matches continues on to the next round of the bracket. If a Squad with only 2 teams plays a Squad with all 3 teams then the 2-team Squad must win both of their matchups to continue. If both Squads only have 2 teams then point differential will be the tie-breaker in the case of the Squads splitting matches.
Because the team count is limited to 3 in order to compete, a school may have multiple Squads compete in the Club tournament. The top Squad for each school must have 3 teams, any additional Squads may have 2 teams. But, Squads must be declared before the start of the Individual tournament (i.e. UGA has 6 teams and must declare which teams are a part of UGA Red and UGA Black before the individual tournament). The order of the individual teams as part of the Squad will be determined by the placement of the teams in Individual Bracket play.

What are the rules? 

This tournament will follow the official SRA rules which can be found here.

Are there prizes?


Is there Premier qualification?

Yes, the top 8 teams in the Advanced division will earn Premier. Players can not re-qualify for Premier at College Nationals.

Eligibility & Enrollment

All clubs/schools are required to be a Recognized Student Organization (RSO)/Club Sport or actively seeking RSO status to play at Nationals. Individual player eligibility is based on requirements linked below.
All club president are required to submit a Club Enrollment Verification Form to be completed by the school registrar.

Registered Teams