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Enrollment & Submission

Step One: Register the Club

The Club President or School Representative needs to register the club with the link below.

Step Two: Create an Account

After registering, you will receive an email with information on setting up an account.

Step Three: Create Roster

First, change the year in the top right corner to the 19-20 Season. Then, add all players that are currently in the club.

Step Four: Download Enrollment Form

After the roster is completed, you will be able to download the Enrollment form that will list all players. The checkbox next to the players names competing must be checked off to be listed on the download.

To submit earlier, you can have all players in the club on the enrollment form, even if they are undecided on playing in the tournament yet.

Each player must sign and list their student ID below before bringing to the Registrar.

Step Five: Registrar Sign-off

The Enrollment Form is to be brought to the School's Registrar Office to complete players enrollment verification. This may not be a quick process so allow time for this to be done.

For Sectionals - Registrar must sign off on all players.

For Nationals - Registrar must sign off on all players & Student Org Staff must sign off on club status.

Step Six: Upload Enrollment Form

The President will then log back into their account and upload the Enrollment Form. Forms must be uploaded by Monday before the applicable tournament.

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