College Tournaments

Tournament Info
Fall Semester
During the fall semester, there will be 9 sectional tournaments (1 for each section). Teams from any section are allowed to compete in any of the fall tournaments. Outside of the official tournaments sanctioned by Spikeball™, we encourage schools to set up their own events and help build the competition.
Spring Semester
During the spring there will be 9 Sectional tournaments and a National championship. For the Spring Sectionals, only colleges from that section can compete. Teams do not have to compete at Sectionals to compete at Nationals. Again, we encourage schools to set up their own events outside of the ones officially sanctioned by Spikeball™.
Club Registration & Eligibility
All clubs/schools will have a platform in which to manage rosters and submit eligibility for college tournaments. All club Presidents or school representives must fill out this survey and will recieve an email with more information. All players must submit eligibility as proof of enrollment according to these reguirements.


Tournament Format
Individual Tournament
All Collegiate Tournaments will start out with a Individual team tournament. There will be pool play followed by bracket play. Pool play will consist of all teams playing every other team in their pool once. Games will most likely be to 15, win by 2, cap at 21 but are at the Tournament Director’s discretion. Pools will be made with the intention of having even pools based on rankings and past tournament results. Teams will be seeded in a bracket based on the pool play results. Seeding will be done by win/loss, point differential, then head to head. Bracket play will most likely be 2/3 games to 15 or 21 but is at the Tournament Director’s discretion.
Club Tournament
A Club tournament team will consist of 2-3 individual teams from the same school that compete together as a Squad. The Club tournament will begin in bracket play and the Squad's seeding will be determined by the Squad's combined points based on final placements of the teams from the individual tournaments (see points below). The order of the individual teams as part of the Squad will be determined by the placement of the teams in Individual tournament play.
The matchups in the club tournament will put the Squad’s 3 teams - 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 - against the other Squad’s 3 teams. The Squad that wins 2 out of the 3 matches continues on to the next round of the bracket. Bracket play will most likely be 2/3 games to 15 or 21 but is at the Tournament Director’s discretion.
Because the team count is limited to 3 in order to compete, a school may have multiple Squads compete in the Club tournament. (i.e. if a school has 8 teams playing in the Individual tournament, they can send two Squads of 3 and one Squad of 2 to compete in the Club tournament). But, Squads must be declared before the start of the Individual tournament (i.e. UGA has 6 teams and must declare which teams are a part of UGA Red and UGA Black before the individual tournament).
  • If a Squad with only 2 teams plays a Squad with all 3 teams then the 2-team school must win both of their matchups to continue.
  • If both Squads only have 2 teams then point differential will be the tie-breaker in the case of the clubs splitting matches.
  • If two teams from the same squad are knocked out in the same round of the Individual tournament, the point differential in that round will determine which team is seeded higher. If point differential is the same then whichever team had the higher seed entering bracket play is the higher team.
  • If two squads have the same combined point total then the squad with the higher overall finishing team in the Individual tournament gets the higher seed.
  • If only one/two schools have enough teams for a squad then the other one team schools will play out for second/third place so all club prizes can be awarded.
Type 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Round of 8 Round of 16 Round of 32 Round of 64
Sectional 325 195 130 95 50 25 12 6
National 750 450 300 225 112.5 57 30 15