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High School Roundnet

If you're not 'ballin with your friends, what are you even doing?! Check out our tips to #jointhemovement and start a club at your school: 

Step 1 - Play! 

  • Start an unofficial club

  • Recruit new players

  • Set standard meetups and hold practices

  • Download the app to find players and pick-up games near you

Step 2 - Join the community

  • Join our HS Facebook group to connect with other HS 'ballers who have started their own clubs or participate in one. Ask questions and learn from other students who have gone through the steps to build their own club.

Step 3 - Get more sets!

  • Check out our ambassador program. As an ambassador, you'll get discounts on gear that you can use for your club.
  • I would also suggest that you charge each club member a low membership fee of $5-$10 (or whatever you choose), then you can use that money to purchase the equipment for your club!

  • Check out these two product bundles we've got going on where you can purchase sets for a discount. The bundles include sets and some accessories that you can use as handouts at your club meet-ups.

Step 4 -  Make it official

Step 5 - Get on the map!

  • Want to be featured on the map above? Fill out this short survey and we'll add ya.  

 We've put together a step by step guide for starting and growing High School Clubs. 


Pro tip: Download the guide below for full click-through access! Please note, we're in the process of updating some outdated links and info so please bear with us!