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College TD Guide

Tourney Prep

  • Field/beach reservation
    • Must haves: bathrooms, ample parking
    • Consult with Nora before booking if greater than $500
    • Spikeball can provide insurance if needed
    • Serving lines are good to have but don’t do it if not allowed.
  • Snacks/water
    • $3/team will be reimbursed
  • Equipment
    • Must haves: table, chairs, poster to display pools, sharpies/pens
    • Nice to have: pop-up tent, music
  • Sets
    • Please crowd source from other clubs attending. Confirm with them as soon as possible and reach out to Nora if you do not think you will have enough. (Extra balls will be sent)
  • Prizes & brackets
    • You will receive prizes and brackets in the mail the week of the tournament

Team & Player Info

When registration closes, Nora will send you a Google doc with all team info including player emails.

Pre-tourney Email

After registration closes, send an email on Wednesday to all teams with the following information:

  • Start/check-in times
  • Field location (picture/maps are helpful!)
  • Parking location
  • Lunch info - where are close options
  • Optional: your cellphone # incase teams need to contact you Sat morning

Making Pools

We want more pool play games to be able to be played to 21. We are aiming for pools of 5 - 6 teams with games to 21 and a cap at 25. Based on the number of registrants this is not always possible. In cases where we need to make pools of 7 or 8, games will be played 15 with a cap at 21.

Pools should be made with snaked seeding. If you have 15 teams for your Sectional, you will want 3 pools of 5. Begin by making a list of all known teams based on skill level. For the known teams, the school they are playing for should not be taken into consideration when listing by skill. After you have snaked all of the known teams, you can then fill the pools with other teams based on school - aka don’t put all of UTC in one pool.





Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 6

Team 5 Team 4
Team 7 Team 8 Team 9
Team 12 Team 11 Team 10
Team 13 Team 14 Team 15


Game Order

Giving teams a defined order to play their games is very helpful to make sure tournaments run smoothly.


  • Printed game order sheets for each pool - download above
  • Large signs with game order near score takers

How it works

  • Prepare game orders for different sized pools making sure every team in the pool plays each other once. It's helpful to have two sized pools on one sheet in case a team drops.
    • Traditionally this will be for pools of 7 or 8.
      • If you had a pool of 8 and one team didn’t show up, then you can easily switch it to a pool of 7.
    • Don’t use teams names when setting up the order of the games
      • If something changes - a team drops or you need to switch a team from one pool to another - it’s very easy to do as long as you haven’t used teams names.

  • Explain in opening announcements that games will take place in the order on the sheet.
    • It helps for teams to meet everyone in their pool before they start playing games so that they’ll know who they’re looking for later on.
  • Print out small sheets and give them to each team so that everyone knows the order of the games.
  • The score takers should also have sheets or large signs near them with the order of the games.
    • This is the place where most teams will need to reference the information to report their scores and to figure out who they’re playing next.


  • Teams know who to play next and when they should have byes. Order sheets reduce the possibility that teams miss a game or play the wrong team.
  • Teams can report scores using Pool Name and Seed which makes creating and editing pools and score sheets incredibly easy.
  • Entering scores is much easier because it takes team names out of the equation.

Check-in & Declaring Squads

Make sure all teams have arrived and you are aware of which teams make up each Squad for the Club Bracket.

Because the Squad team count is limited to 3 in order to compete, a school may have multiple squads compete in the Club bracket. (i.e. if a school has 8 teams playing in the Individual tournament, they can send two squads of 3 and one squad of 2 to compete in the Club tournament). But, squads must be declared before the start of the Individual tournament (i.e. UGA has 6 teams and must declare which teams are a part of UGA Red and UGA Black before the individual tournament).

The top squad must have 3 teams, following squads can have 2.

Squads cannot be changed once the individual tournament begins. You can refer to Squads by color, number, letter, etc. (UCLA Blue, UCLA Yellow).

  • Exception: If a Squad of 2 gets more points than a Squad of 3, then the top team on the Squad of 3 will move to the other Squad.

Individual Bracket

Pool play:

Teams are seeded based off win/loss, point differential, head to head, coin flip. If there are pools of different sizes you need to consider the win % rather than just the number of wins for seeding. Also make adjustment to point differential (i.e. 56 points in pool of 8 vs. 56 points in pool of 7 - adjust 56 for pool of 8 divided by 8 times 7 = 49 points.)

Bracket play:

  • Single elimination
  • Matches can be ⅔ to 15 or 21 (use your judgment based on time)

Seeding Club Bracket

The Club bracket will consist of 2-3 individual teams that compete together as a Squad.

Squad seeding:

Seeding for the squads will be determined by combined point total of the individual teams based on the Individual Bracket. For example - Squad A has teams come in 1st, Round of 8 and Round of 32 = 387 points, Squad B has teams come in 2nd, 4th, and Round of 8 = 340 points.

Use the Squad Sheet completed at check-in (see above) to track this as teams are eliminated from the Individual Bracket.


  • If two squads have the same combined point total then the squad with the higher overall finishing team in the Individual Bracket gets the higher seed.







Round of 8

Round of 16

Round of 32

Round of 64











Team Seeding:

The order of the individual teams as part of the squad will be determined by the placement of the teams in Individual Bracket play.


  • If two teams from the same squad are knocked out in the same round of the Individual Bracket, the point differential in that round will determine which team is seeded higher. Exception: Going to three games > two games, no matter the point differential. If point differential is the same then whichever team had the higher seed entering bracket play is the higher team.

Club Bracket

The matchups in the Club Bracket will put the squads’ 3 teams (1v1 2v2 3v3) against the other squads’ 3 teams. The Squad that wins 2 out of the 3 matches continues on to the next round of the bracket.


  • If a Squad with only 2 teams plays a Squad with all 3 teams then the 2-team school must win both of their matchups to continue.
  • If both Squads only have 2 teams then point differential will be the tie-breaker in the case of the clubs splitting matches.
  • If only one/two schools have enough teams for a squad then the other one team schools will play out for second/third place so all club prizes can be awarded.


0-14 teams


1st: 2 Spikeball Pro Sets & 2 Savage Jerseys*

2nd: 1 Spikeball Pro Set

3rd: 2 Spikeball apparel items


1st: 2 Spikeball Pro Sets & 2 Savage Jerseys

2nd: 1 Spikeball Pro Set

3rd: 2 Spikeball apparel items

15-29 teams


1st: 2 Spikeball Pro Sets & 2 Savage Jerseys*

2nd: 2 Spikeball apparel items & 1 Spikeball Pro Set

3rd: 2 Spikeball apparel items


1st: 2 Spikeball Pro sets & 4 Savage Jerseys

2nd: 1 Pro Set & 2 Savage Jerseys  

3rd: 4 Spikeball apparel items



1st: 2 Spikeball Pro Sets & 2 Savage Jerseys*

2nd: 2 Spikeball apparel items & 1 Pro Set

3rd: 4 Spikeball apparel items


1st: 4 Spikeball Pro Sets & 6 Savage Jerseys

2nd: 2 Spikeball Pro Sets & 2 Savage Jerseys

3rd: 2 Spikeball Pro Sets & 4 Spikeball apparel items

*If 1st place Individual team is part of the a jersey winning college club, Savage custom jerseys will fall to the highest placing club that did not receive jerseys as prizes


  • The Google Doc with team/player info will also have a tab for you to submit Individual & Club results
  • Please take pictures of both podiums and email to

TD Payment

Club Stipend Base:
Club Stipend Bonuses:
Every 20 Teams: $30
Every 5 Universities: $30
Every 3 Squads: $30
If you have 32+ teams you are required to have someone on site as TD (not playing). We will pay that person $125.

Call Nora 508-341-3135 or Logan 817-994-0489 if there are any questions or clarifications needed day of.