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Our Goal

We aim to generate more local competition, create create access to tournaments, and support the growth of clubs that recruit, practice and compete against other colleges.

9 Sections

19 Tournaments

1,100+ Players

125+ Clubs

2020 Updates

  • Intermediate Division at at Sectionals/Nationals
  • Top Squads at Sectionals/Nationals must have 3 teams, additional Squads can have 2 teams
  • Discounted registration for official clubs
  • Registration closes the Monday before at midnight PST
  • In order to play Nationals: Recognized Student Organization (RSO)/Club Sport or actively seeking RSO status
  • Stipends won from tournaments will only be deposited into an official club account
  • Women’s National Championship





Are you the best college team in the country? What school has the best club? Will anyone take down UGA? We will find out soon!

April 18th, 2020 - Individual Bracket
April 19th, 2020 - Club Bracket

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