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2020 Season Updates and Rules, TLDR

The 2020 season updates and rules were released, but reading isn't your thing? Here's the condensed version (still some reading required, sorry):

Season Updates

  • Structure - 3 Tour Stops, 1 Grand Slam
  • Divisions - Introduction of beginners division
  • Premier Qualification - The top 3 teams from advanced earn premier (previously it was top 2)
  • Pool Play format - emphasis on evenly sized pools
  • Tie Breakers - Added 3 additional tie-breaking criteria for pool play
  • Seeding - The sum of each player's top 5 individual depreciated points will be used for seeding (previously all points earned counted)
  • Pro Division spots at Grand Slams - There are 8 - 16 spots, dependent on number of premier teams registered. Only 8 teams will qualify for A bracket.
  • Pro Division seeding at Grand Slams - Top 5 points earned together as a team. Only points from previous season are depreciated. (previously it was based on total individual points earned and depreciated)
  • Points - Recognized Roundnet Organizations will be eligible to host events that count toward season points
  • Strength Multiplier - more tiers, greater multiplier, also a negative multiplier. Strength calculated by comparing top 5 finishes (previously based on total points)
  • Prize Structure - Cash prizes consolidated into Grand Slams, Regionals, and Nationals.
  • Regionals - Hosted by RROs. "True second" system where the loser of the finals plays the winner of third place game to see who gets the bid.

The above is just a summary, so some details are obviously missing. If you're interested in the thought process behind these updates check out this article.


  • TD can opt for coin flip or rock, paper, scissor to be used
  • Changed choice of side to choice of starting positions
  • Service starts with the player on the right (ie if your team's score is even you should be serving from the right, odd from the left)
  • 5 seconds to announce to serve once scores is announced. Previously 10 seconds once the server had the ball in their possession.
  • Added intention of toss rule (make sure the ball has left the player's hand and was legally struck)
  • Clarification on calling faults - can call a fault immediately after a dead ball. Fault takes precedence when receiving team commits infraction before second touch or change of possession.
  • Defined strike, catch, and throw to better illustrate legal and illegal hits
  • Hinder rule rewritten from the ground up to show the order of operation when evaluating a play
  • Hand signals added to the observer guidelines

If you'd like to look at the official rules with change areas highlighted, check it out here.