Collegiate Roundnet Sectionals Round 2 Results; Confirmed Power Pool Teams

As College Nationals is approaching, this March each of the nine collegiate roundnet sections hosted a Sectional Championship. Five of the nine tournaments took place two weeks ago on March 10th (find those results HERE). The other four were this past Saturday. Check out how these tournaments turned out and which teams qualified for the College Nationals Power Pools!

A map of the collegiate roundnet sections.

East Bay - Hosted by University of Pittsburgh

Individual Tournament

1st: Flying Falcons - Matt Ly and Jacob Film (Messiah College)

2nd: Beamers's Ballers - Josh Kaplan and Jacob Ebright (Virginia Tech University)

3rd: Quarter Asian - Matt O'Neil and Caleb Danehower (Messiah College)

Club Tournament

1st: Messiah College

2nd: West Virginia University

3rd: University of PIttsburgh

Great Lakes - Hosted by Marquette University
Individual Tournament

1st: MKE Infinite Entropy - Jonathan Schmitz and Dylan Metey (Milwaukee School of Engineering)

2nd: Almost Ambidextrous - Josh Schneider and Cal Papineau (Marquette University)

3rd: Sloppy Sets - Dustin Schultz and Bradley McKenzie (Iowa State University)

Club Tournament

1st: Milwaukee School of Engineering

2nd: Iowa State University

3rd: Marquette University

Shmaneuvments, Spicy Rubi, and PB&J pose for a picture after the New England Sectional Championship.

New England - Hosted by SUNY Albany

Individual Tournament

1st: Spicy Rubi - Daniel McPartland and Anthony Rentsch (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

2nd: PB&J - Blake Rock and Jonny Dariano (SUNY Albany)

3rd: Shmanuevments - Brandon Spector and Nick Abramson (The College of Brockport)

Club Tournament

1st: SUNY Albany

2nd: Northeastern University

3rd: Yale University

South Central - Hosted by Baylor University
Individual Tournament

1st: Coup d'Etat - Grayson Ayres and Sam Konstanty (University of Texas at Dallas)

2nd: Spikachu - Bradley Thompson and Joseph Burchett (Baylor University)

3rd: Bear Necessities -  Andrew Porter and Chase Ehrig (University of Texas at Austin)

Club Tournament

1st: University of Texas at Dallas

2nd: Texas A&M University

3rd: Baylor University

Confirmed Attending College Nationals Power Pool Teams
Tropic South: Recrem (Mercer), Last Resort (UGA)
Atlantic Coast: Easily Dug (UTC)
Central: Schweppes (Rosedale), Sola Fide (OSU)
Great Lakes: MKE Infinite Entropy (MSOE)
New England: Spicy Rubi (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
South Central: Spikachu (Baylor University)

Pending Confirmation College Nationals Power Pools Teams

East Bay: Filthy Falcons (Messiah College)
Great Lakes: Almost Ambidextrous (Marquette University)
New England: PB&J (SUNY Albany)
Southwest: Newton Dogs (UCLA), Fwango State Bulldogs (Fresno State)
South Central: Coup d'Etat (University of Texas at Dallas

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