More Collegiate Roundnet Action: Last Four Sectional Championships Tomorrow

Before College Nationals next month, each of the nine Collegiate Roundnet sections will be crowning a champion. Five of the nine tournaments took place two weeks ago and the other four are commencing tomorrow. A total of 47 teams from 26 schools made it out to the first five to compete for pride, jerseys, and National's Power Pool spots. Here are the results from that day.

The Collegiate Roundnet schedule and section map.

Atlantic Coast - Hosted by Clemson University
Individual Tournament

1st: Easily Dug - Andrew Card and Travis Core (UTC)

2nd: Lutz of Ferrari’s - Jeremy Lutz and Brendan Ferrereia (Clemson)

3rd: We only go tilted - David Gonzales and Blake Davis (UTC)

Club Tournament

1st: University of Tennessee Chattanooga

2nd: Clemson University

3rd: Western Kentucky University

Central - Hosted by Ohio State University
Individual Tournament

1st: Schweppes - Jesse Showalter and Micah Zimmerman (Rosedale)

2nd: Sola Fide - Nicholas LoPrinzi and Kyle Ackermann (OSU)

3rd: Inside Job - Josh Swimm and Levi Gross (Cedarville)

Club Tournament

1st: Ohio State University

2nd: Rosedale Bible College

Pacific Northwest - Hosted by University of Oregon
Individual Tournament

1st: Mazungoos - Alex Osler and Jaret Carlson (WWU)

2nd: Foxy Men - Murray Noble and Ben Van Vliet (George Fox)

3rd: Slammo - Zack Duffy and Gage Stout (Oregon)

Club Tournament

1st: Western Washington University

2nd: George Fox University

3rd: University of Oregon

Southwest - Hosted by Azusa Pacific University
Individual Tournament

1st: Newton Dogs - Ryan Baillargeon and Collin Adelseck (UCLA)

2nd: Fwango State - Alex Gong and Robbie Brisco (Fresno State)

3rd: Musty - Jacob Payer and Samuel Buckman (Cal Poly SLO)

Club Tournament

1st: University of California - Los Angeles

2nd: University of California - Santa Barbara

3rd: California Baptist University 

A group photo from the Tropic South Sectional Championship.

Tropic South - Hosted by Mercer University
Individual Tournament

1st: Recrem - Karry Nusbaum and Gustavo Gonzales (Mercer)

2nd: Last Resort - Ben Landes and Addison Powers  (UGA)

3rd: Chomp from the Swamp - Addam Setzer and Robby Decola (University of Florida)

Club Tournament

1st: Mercer University

2nd: University of Georgia - Black

3rd: University of Georgia - Red

College Nationals Power Pool Teams
Atlantic Coast: Easily Dug (UTC), Lutz of Ferrari’s (Clemson)

Central: Schweppes (Rosedale), Sola Fide (OSU)

Pacific Northwest: Mazungoos (WWU), Foxy Men (George Fox)

Southwest: Newton Dogs (UCLA), Fwango State Bulldogs (Fresno State)

Tropic South: Recrem (Mercer), Last Resort (UGA)

A group photo from the Southwest Sectional Championship.

Here is brief preview of what is coming up this weekend:

East Bay – Hosted by University of Pittsburgh

Schools Competing: Duquesne University, Messiah College, University of Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, West Virginia University

The #17 ranked team in Collegiate Roundnet, Filthy Falcons of Messiah College, is the front runner at this event. Only the University of Pittsburgh and West Virginia University have more than one team and will battle it out for the club championship.

Great Lakes – Hosted by University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Schools Competing: Iowa State University, Marquette University, Milwaukee School of Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Only six teams are headed to Great Lakes Sectionals and it is a wide open field. Iowa State University and the Milwaukee School of Engineering will be competing in the club bracket. 

Max Model of model_todi reaches for a ball at 2017 East Regionals.

New England – Hosted by SUNY Albany

Schools Competing: Brown University, Colgate University, Cornell University, Northeastern University, SUNY Albany, The College at Brockport, University of Connecticut University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Rochester, Yale University

A strong group of teams are headed to the New England Sectional Championship. The clear front runner is Spicy Rubi (Daniel McPartland and Anthony Rentsch) of UMass Amherst who are currently ranked #5 in the nation. There are many other top contenders including PB&J (Blake Rock and Jonny Dariano) of SUNY Albany, Shmaneuvments (Brandon Spector and Nicholas Abramson) of The College at Brockport, and model_todi (Max Model and Johan Todi) of Yale University. Five schools will be competing in the club bracket and any school can take it home. Northeastern University and SUNY Albany will have a slight advantage as they are fielding three or more teams. 

South Central  – Hosted by Baylor University

Schools Competing: Baylor University, Dallas Baptist University, Texas A&M, Texas Christian University, University of Texas, The University of Texas at Dallas

The South Central Sectional Championship is a big Texas battle. All six universities competing are from the Lonestar State and four will field three teams in the club bracket. Leading the pack in the individual bracket is Coup d'Etat (Grayson Ayres and Sam Konstanty) of University of Texas at Dallas. Three other top contenders are Bear Necessities (Andrew Porter and Chase Ehrig) of the University of Texas at Austin, Nothing But Serves (Fredric Hinkle and Dylan Keen) of Texas A&M, and Spikachu (Bradley Thompson and Joseph Burchett) of Baylor University.

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