Spikeball Tour Series Challenger Event Application

While the Majors and Championship will be hosted by Spikeball, the Challengers will be hosted by Local Roundnet Organizations with the support of Spikeball.

The Spikeball team is looking for awesome tournaments to sponsor and bring into the STS ecosystem! These events should be of high quality and larger in size. SAOs have priority, but any organization can apply. There is no limit on the total amount of Challenger events, but we will choose events with geographic spread in mind.

What is required?

  • Follow USAR Rules & Sanctioned Tournament Guidelines
  • Follow STS Tournament Guidelines (ex: Premier points for pool seeding)
  • Use Fwango.io for registration & tournament management
  • STS Membership for all participants, USAR Membership for all participants (US-based events only)
  • Adequate amount of equipment and staff for a self-sufficient 100 team event
  • Spikeball as exclusive roundnet equipment
  • Spikeball branding on-site
  • Spikeball sponsor activation space

PC: @spikeballtourseries

What is provided?

  • Extra Spikeball sets and balls
  • Challenger medals
  • Marketing through Spikeball platforms
  • Premier qualification for the Spikeball Tour Series
  • Points towards the Spikeball Tour Series

What is up to you as the host?

  • Pricing model
  • Prizes
  • Divisions offered
  • Tournament timing
  • Party
  • Sunday events (Mixed, Squads, 2-Net, etc.)

PC: @yellowballcult

Are you interested in applying?

Please send an email to tournaments@spikeball.com with the following information:

  • Organization Name
  • Tournament Location (city/venue)
  • Tournament Date (top 3 choices - after April 6th)
  • Tournament Hosting History
  • Exepected Team Count
  • How will you make your event stand-out?
  • Any other information/videos/testimonials

Applications for the 2024 season will close December 1, 2023.