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Spikeball™ vs. Roundnet - A user's guide

How you should use the terms Spikeball™ and Roundnet

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Spikeball™ = the brand. Roundnet = the sport.

Here's a little Q and A to clear things up:

Q: Can I say something like, "Let's go play Spikeball™ "?

A: It's better to say roundnet. If you're referring to Spikeball™ brand equipment then sure, that can make sense. If you're playing on a different brand of roundnet equipment and calling it Spikeball™, that's wrong. It's just like if you said "let's play Nintendo 64." It's okay if you're about to face off with Bowser but if you're collecting rings with Sonic the Hedgehog then it's wrong. If you say roundnet you'll never be wrong. It's one of those - a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square - sort of things.


Q: Can I use Spikeball™ in the name of a club, group, or team I'm forming?

A: No, any club, group, or team not officially associated with Spikeball™ Inc. should use the term roundnet. Since Spikeball™ is our brand name it can't be used in an official capacity by another organization unless we give written approval. Imagine someone opened a Crossfit Gym without actually going through the proper franchising process...that'd be a no no.    


How Spikeball™ Inc. uses the terms Spikeball™ and Roundnet

Cheat Sheet

The same way you do.

It's just as important for us to use the terms correctly as it is for you. On our end, it affects our ability to secure trademarks, limit liability, and expand both the brand and the sport globally.

On our website and social channels, we use Spikeball™ for the brand and roundnet for the sport. The growth of the sport strengthens our brand and our brand is a catalyst for the growth of the sport, but making sure we talk to each of our audiences specifically is vital in ensuring continued success across all fronts.