Spikeball Ambassador Organizations

We're shifting from RROs to Spikeball Ambassador Organizations. The goal is the same - support the awesome work of organizations that are great ambassadors of roundnet and the Spikeball brand.

Why the name change?


Increase access to organized play

We're here to support great organizations, not regulate the sport. Spikeball is no longer responsible for certifying National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and the new program name removes confusion.


One stop shop for support

We want to make it as easy as possible to work together. Pulling everything under the ambassador roof will streamline collaboration and remove redundancies.


Represent the Spikeball brand

We're excited to work with organizations that reflect our mission and core values. The new name creates a greater association to our brand, clarifying the relationship.

What's included in 2021?

Support to keep your communities engaged

For 2021, all SAOs will receive a support package. From there, we will scale additional support based on your plans for 2021. When things get back to normal we may return to sponsoring individual events, but in the meantime we want to help you keep your communities engaged.

Beyond just equipment...

All of the other aspects of the program will stay intact. You'll be featured on the tournament site, get to display the official badge (update coming), get the steepest discounts, and get priority on partnering together on opportunities. Further, we're working on a Spikeball App update that will highlight events hosted by SAOs.

Support Package*

  • SpikeBrites
  • SpikeBuoys
  • Rookie Sets
  • Pro balls
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Hats
  • Backpacks
  • Pro Sets
  • Standard Sets

*you may not get everything listed if item is out of stock

2021 SAOs

United States




Central & South America

Australia & Asia

Application Process

The application window for 2021 has closed. If you're interested in applying for 2022 SAO, please follow the steps below:

If you're interested in becoming a Spikeball Ambassador Organization, please read the guidelines below.

If you aren't already a Spikeball Ambassador, please apply to be. All SAOs will first need to be approved Spikeball Ambassadors before we can consider their SAO application. You can find more info on the program and apply here.

To apply for SAO status, you will send an email to partnerships@spikeball.com with the following information and attached documents*:

  • Name of organization, website, logo, social handles  
  • Leadership structure and background (who will be running this org, what roles will people have, what is the background of the people involved)
  • Years organization has been running
  • Geographic area your organization covers
  • Past roundnet events hosted (results, failures, successes, learnings, innovation)
  • Vision and mission for your organization

*Applications are due by March 31st, 2022


Organizations that meet Spikeball's criteria will be given an interview and asked to provide additional information and documentation before earning final approval. Our goal is to make sure that all SAOs reflect our mission and values.

What we look for:
  • Interest in all skill levels (cannot just be concerned about top level players)
  • Dedicated community member
  • Demonstrated ability to run successful events
  • Tech Savvy, comfortable with digital and social platforms
  • Growth mindset, excited about marketing and reaching new people
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, roll-up-the-sleeves attitude
  • Commitment - we want long term sustainability along with hard work
What Spikeball Asks:
  • Build an environment that welcomes and encourages new players and promotes diversity.
  • If safe, consistently host events - run a minimum of 4 tournaments/leagues per year.
  • Establish consistent league or pick up play.
  • Work with local parks and rec departments and schools to get Spikeball more involved in the community (State games, professional development, etc.)
  • Each organization must create their own website, maintain a consistent presence on social media.
  • Put all events on the Spikeball App - pick-up games, leagues, and tournaments.
  • Post event highlights on the Spikeball App. Use #SAO
  • Provide updates on key metrics and participate in calls, meetings, and online communication as necessary within reason.
  • Include Spikeball sponsor branding on your website.
  • Help share/post Spikeball Inc news occasionally within your social channels.
  • Include Spikeball product placement and mentions in social media posts.
  • Be a positive representative of the Spikeball brand. Only use and promote Spikeball brand roundnet equipment at your events/affiliated events and through your marketing (website, social, print, etc.)
What Spikeball Provides:
  • Official SAO Badge - can be put on website, event pages, or printed materials to establish credibility.
  • Promotion - organization events will be featured on the Spikeball App/website.
  • Giveaways - organizations will be allotted promotional material (sets, apparel, stickers, etc.) per year for fundraising and relationship building purposes.
  • Tournament Packages - Organizations will receive large discounts on sets and other tournament materials with the expectation that they maintain equipment.
  • Sponsorship - List Spikeball Inc. as an official sponsor. Receive preferred status for any additional sponsorship opportunities through Spikeball.
  • Use of Spikeball™ trademarks (with approval) .


Are there any new requirements?

Yes, but they're all pretty common sense. First, this probably goes without saying, but all SAOs must put safety first and always follow local public health guidelines. Second, we want to do a better job of tracking the growth of the sport. To that end, we'd like all SAO events listed on the Spikeball App. Everything else is pretty much the same.

Do current RROs need to go through an application process again? 

Nope, if you've already been accepted as an RRO you do not have to apply or interview again. We only ask that you send us your 2021 plans to make sure you still fit the criteria and sign off on the annual agreement.

Can a National Governing Body also be a Spikeball Ambassador Organization?

Absolutely! While Spikeball no longer regulates NGBs (that's the International Roundnet Federation) we're happy to support the work they do.  

How does an organization get recognized as a National Governing Body?

The International Roundnet Federation is an independent, non-profit group that works to bring together NGBs and organize international competition. If you're a national group interested interested in recognition, check out roundnetfederation.org.