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College 19-20 Season
Spring Sectional Host Application

We are looking for awesome clubs to host the Spring Sectionals for the upcoming 2019-2019 College Season!

Please apply below if you are interested. Applications can be submitted until end of day Friday 11/22.

What Spikeball will provide:

  • Registration platform
  • Host Insurance and Player insurance  
  • Giveaways/Prizes
  • Brackets
  • Permit (if over $200, get Spikeball approval first)
  • Marketing support
  • Payment/stipend dependent on team count/schools in attendance

Club responsibilities:

  • Be a positive representation of Spikeball brand
  • Follow official SRA rules
  • Provide appropriate staff and support necessary to have a smoothly run event
  • Manage and prepare for event logistics (making pools, printing informational signs, creating posters, handling check-in and scoring)
  • Ensure tournament essentials are readily available (ie water, snacks, bathrooms, etc.)
    • Snack/water reimbursement
  • Support local promotion and marketing of the tournament
  • Post social updates during the event (brackets, podium pictures, etc.)
  • Communicate with registrants before, during, and after the event  

Requirements to Host a Sectional:

  • Previous hosting experience (Sectional or Independent Tourney)
  • Official Club Status or Actively Seeking Recognized Student Org (RSO) Status
    • Official Club Status has priority

Apply here: