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Video Examples

Have a rule question? Email with the subject line "Rule Review" and the SRA board will review and weigh in. The examples below were submitted through that process. The more submissions we have, the more useful this collection will become. It's important to note, not all the examples will be textbook definitions and many are here because they're hard to call. A better view, different angle, or more context could change the outcome in some cases.  


Violation: In the video below, the server never shows that they've reestablished their balance and is pulled in by the momentum of their follow through (4.6.2).

Playing the Ball

Violation (loss of point): In the video below, the hitter contacts their teammate who is inside the no hit zone while trying to avoid their momentum pulling them in (


Replay: In the videos below, the players could not have avoided causing the interference and the obstructed player had a legitimate play on the ball (6.7). In the first example, while the offensive player did not make "every effort to get to the ball" in this case it is acceptable because it could have caused dangerous physical contact (

No Replay: In the video below, the interference is minimal (6.5.1). The setter had the right to the space while setting the ball and after the set the defensive player was able to get to the space they were trying to occupy.  

No Replay: In the videos below, even though interference occurs the obstructed player would not have had a play on the ball (6.5.2).

No Replay: In the videos below, the obstructed player created the interference in moving to the ball (6.5.4).

Point Awarded: In the video below, the point would be rewarded to the receiving team because the opponent did not make any effort to avoid interference (6.6).