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Partnered Media

The Spikeball Tour Series has partnered with a few media brands from the Roundnet community to help support the awesome work that they have been putting in to bring the sport of Roundnet to a whole new level!

Lefty On Two

Lefty On Two was founded by a current Spikeball employee and Roundnet enthusiast, Mike White! Lefty On Two has a plethora of Roundnet content that varies from podcasts, articles, tip videos, and more. Check them out to keep a finger on the pulse of the pro roundnet scene!

Power Rankings on YT

Tour Stop Vlogs

RAW - Roundnet Analytics Worldwide

RAW or RAW Stats is a small independant company created by another current Spikeball employee, Logan Cornelius and Brian Childs with the goal of creating a centralized hub for all roundnet stats worldwide! They have produced their own stat taking algorithm and employ the help of many current roundnet players to help build a database that is already very full of past and current tournament stats for the sport of roundnet. Have you ever wondered how many times Rahul Murthy went to his reverse cut serve in the Nationals finals? RAW has got you covered on that stat and MANY more! Statistical breakdowns are available for every Spikeball Tour Series event from the 2021 Season so go check them out at