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Nationals Logistics

New to tournaments? Here's what you need to know!

What is pool play?

The tournament will start with pool play. In pool play, you will be grouped into pools (likely of 7 or 8 teams). You will play one game against each team in your pool. Pool play games are played to 15, win by 2, with a cap at 21. This means if it's 20 to 20 next point wins. Pool play results are used to determine where your team is seeded in the single elimination bracket.

How do I know what pool I'm in?

Each division will be playing in a different section. There will be signs that indicate what nets each pool is supposed to play their games.

How do I know who to play?

The order of the games depends on the number of teams in the pool. On the pool signs, there will be an order for the games. For example, each round it will say Team 1 vs. Team 2, Team 3 vs. Team 4, etc. Your team will be listed with a number next to it to make it easier.

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PRO TIP - Before games start, you should meet all of the teams in your pool at the front of your pool sign and introduce yourselves. Getting to know the other teams will make it easier to find the people you need to play later on.

What if I can't find the team I'm supposed to play?

If you can't find the team your supposed to play you should wait for them in front of your pool sign. If after a few minutes they still don't show up you can report it to the person running your division and they will try to make an announcement. If the other team still doesn't show, it will be a forfeit victory.  

Reporting Scores

After each game, the winner reports the scores. There will be designated score takers to track all of the results. Each team has a number within their pool. For example, Pool A will have teams A1, A2, A3, etc.

When you report the score you will say your pool letter and number of your team and the team you played, followed by the score. For example, A1 beat A2, 15 to 10.

Bracket Play

For nationals, all teams will qualify for the bracket. In the Advanced and Intermediate division. Brackets will be broken down into groups of 32. For example, teams finishing 1 -32 will be in the A bracket, teams finishing 33 - 64 will be in the B bracket and so on. All other divisions will have only one bracket.

All bracket matches will be best of 3 to 21.

Consolation Games

For any team knocked out in the first round of bracket play we will try to provide a consolation bracket. All consolation games will be 2/3 to 15.

What to Bring

Packing right is the key to having a good day. Check the weather and make sure you're prepared for anything. Make sure you bring food, water, and whatever else you need to keep you going throughout the day. There is a concession stand on-site as well! Certain items like a chair or shade tent can make a big difference. Don't forget about sunscreen.