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League Tools

  • Website Hosting Software
    • Squarespace, Shopify, etc. - Set up the registration as a product and they can purchase from your site just like any other product.
  • Integration Software
      • Red Podium - Registration software that integrates with a website.
  • Simple option
    • Google form/sheets - Less formal but can get the job done if that’s all you want.
  • Graphics
    • Canva - A great free resource for creating good looking graphics
  • Mass Emails
    • Mail Chimp - A free email resource for sending email campaigns
  • Social Marketing
    • Facebook & Instagram - Can go a long way and if you know your way around social ads on these platforms you can get even more out of it
League Management
  • Keep track of data
    • Google form/sheets - Simple enough to keep track of all your data throughout the league
  • Scheduling
    • - This site can get you everything you need for setting up such as league schedule and bracket templates.