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League Formats

League Price

Ideology behind pricing - At TASR we charge $80 as we feel like for the demand this is a fair price. We think what we offer is worth more, but right now we don’t feel there is the demand to meet our price. Ideally $120- $150 would be what we would like to charge. Two factors you can keep in mind are the price for roundnet tournaments around you and the price of social leagues around you. Use these factors to determine your price.

League Length

  • 6 to 8 weeks
    • This length of league is pretty standard. With these lengths the last week or two are generally playoff weeks.
  • 10-12 weeks
    • Longer leagues can go this length, but it takes more dedicated groups of players to commit to a 2.5-3 month league. This could possibly keep newer and less experienced teams from joining

Playoff Style

  • Final week(s) playoff 
    • This format makes the last 1 or 2 weeks of the season the playoffs with the playoff tournament broken up to fit into the final league dates and times
  • Weekend Tournament
    • Many leagues finish with the playoff being on Saturday and knock out the whole playoff in one day

Matchup Style

Best of 3 or Best of 5. To 21 or 15. This just depends on how long you want your matchups to last. In general Best of 3 to 21 will last about an hour for a series that goes to 3. This is a sweet spot if you’re wanting to go for an hour. If you play out all 3 games no matter what then this is a pretty good option if you’re wanting to stay within an hour. If you have more time and your community really wants to play more games best of 5 is a good option!

Game Win/Loss

  • Game as W/L
    • Allows you to always play out the full series no matter what which guarantees everyone will always play the full amount of games. This also allows more record variation so there will be fewer ties at the end of the season.
  • Series counting as W/L
    • This is a potentially more efficient style, especially if the timing could be an issue or you are trying to get more series in per week. Series won’t last as long because many will end in 2 games. I would suggest recording point diff in this format as you will have more tied records at the end of the season and PD is a good tie-breaker.
  • Custom Scoring
    • You can always add in bonus scoring for a series sweep or winning by a certain amount of points. A Colorado league has done this before. This is your league so if you think it will add some fun try something out!

Score Reporting

  • Volunteer collecting scores
    • A central score reporter with a google form solution (or some other score reporting solution you have) will get the scores reported immediately and be easier for you.
  • On-site self-reporting
    • Set up some kind of iPad or phone at a station that is designated as the score report area. When games are over they report their games at the station
  • Postgame email or online submission
    • You can also have teams email you their scores or submit the scores via an online solution you’ve created. I would suggest the first two options over this just because you can be surer you will have the scores reported with those.


  • Bring Your Own Set (BYOS)
    • If you are still trying to get enough revenue you can try to crowdsource the sets from your players. This is dependent on your players and could yield a variety of sets. I would suggest staying away from this.
  • Own the sets your league uses
    • This is the best option in my opinion, especially if you are partnering with a league host. Having your own sets gives you much more flexibility and makes your league much more official. Your members don’t have to worry about anything except showing up and playing!