Watch College Nationals 2023 on ESPN

Premier and Women's Division Updates

We couldn't be more excited about the opportunity to showcase Spikeball on ESPN, but we need your help and flexibility to make it amazing!. I wanted to share some more details about the logistics of the tournament for Premier and Women's teams. Keep in mind, we're basically doing a live broadcast, so some of this stuff may need to change.


The adjustments that we need to make are based on getting the tournament to work within the constraints of ESPN's framework.


What's going to be different?

  • Earlier start time: Check in 7:00 - 7:30 am, games start at 8:00 am
  • We need you to be ready to play. We have a relatively short filming window so please stay close to the action and bring whatever food/drinks you need for the day.
  • Top 16 from pool play qualify for the bracket (this obviously won't be a factor if there are under 16 teams in the division). If you don't qualify you'd be placed in another division for the bracket.
  • All games (including bracket play) will have a hard cap at 15
  • All bracket play matches will be best of 3 to 15
  • If you're being filmed make sure to be mindful of your language and be a good representative of the sport.


Please make sure your team is wearing a matching uniform. If you're playing on the featured court you'll need to wear ESPN approved jerseys that will be provided to you. Here's what they look like:

Other details:

  • We're going to pause all other games during the Premier and Women's finals so that all players can watch.
  • Currently, the broadcast is set to air at 9 pm on May 5th on ESPN2.


Again, thanks for your flexibility and patience. This is new to us and I'm sure we'll learn a lot.