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How Fwango helps TDs:
  • Easy tournament registration platform with credit card payments and many other features
  • Helps run a tournament super smoothly:
    • Build and edit your pools very quickly
    • Generates pool play schedule
    • Allows players to report scores (don’t need employees/volunteers to do it!!)
    • Calculates & generates brackets
    • Advertise events through the discovery page
    • Cost: 4.9% + .99 cents per registration transaction, otherwise free to use!
Why players love Fwango:
  • Players can report scores on their phones
  • Players and fans (not attending) can follow along with live score updates
  • Players and teams are accumulating stats across all events they play
  • Discover new events in your area
How it will help Organizations (coming this Summer!):
  • Dedicated page with events and standings
  • Membership management
  • Helps build season rankings by using results from all your events (highly customizable)
  • Helps build and publish annual standings by gathering results from many events and generating customizable rankings with the formula of your choice