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Elite Package

Spikeball provides:

  • $50 jersey stipend  
    • Choose whatever vendor you want to work
    • Ability to use 2018 -2019 Elite Logo
  • $50 pay per sanctioned tournament
    • Must check in on time
    • Must be wearing a matching uniform
      • If playing shirtless is what a player wants to do then both teammates should either both be shirtless or make sure they have shorts that clearly show they're partners - ex: if everyone is wearing black shorts that doesn't help
      • Matching uniforms are also required with mash-ups teams. These do not have to be official jerseys but any sort of matching tops.
        We understand that there are days that are colder and you may want a long sleeve instead of your jersey, but please make the effort to wear similar clothing - ex: both in black long sleeves, not one pink and one green :)
    • Cannot receive any conduct penalties at the event
    • These will be added to your travel stipend and paid in larger sums as that is redeemed unless we have been told you would like to be paid for each event weekly
  • $20 highlight bonus
    • Email top 3 highlights from sanctioned tournament to within 2 weeks of the event date.
    • These will be added to your travel stipend and paid in larger sums as that is redeemed unless we have been told you would like to be paid for highlight weekly
  • $200 travel stipend
    • Must be used at sanctioned events (Tour Series, Regionals, Nationals)
    • To be used on your individual transportation or accommodation
  • 50% off registration to all sanctioned events
  • $250 coupon code to
  • Independent Tournaments
    • Throw a tournament with 25+ teams and get $100 toward travel stipend
    • Throw a tournament with 50+ teams get $200 toward travel stipend
    • Throw a tournament with 100+ teams get $400 toward travel stipend
  • Opportunity to participate in testing of new rules and equipment

Savage Offer:

Wondering how to use your $50/person jersey stipend? Our official jersey provider, Savage, has put together a pretty sweet package for Elite players that includes:
  • 1 fully sublimated jersey/tank
  • 1 fully sublimated pair of shorts
  • Your jersey featured for sale in the Savage online marketplace  
  • $25 gift card
  • 1 Savage brand "Champ" - hooded long sleeve jersey OR 1 Savage brand Joggers
  • 2 50% off coupon codes for fan/family distribution of jerseys
  • 15% credit from any other full price sales for future orders
If you choose to work with Savage you can contact You'd also need to accept their terms:  
  • Must wear Savage gear during tournament play.
  • Social promotion of Savage as official apparel sponsor of team/player.
  • Other custom apparel brands may not be promoted or endorsed (in-person or digitally).


How do I get paid for playing in a sanctioned event?
All payments (prizes or stipends) will be processed through Many of you already have an account setup. We are no longer doing paper checks and are only paying through direct deposit. Therefore, you MUST have a bank account attached to your account or the payment cannot be processed. If you have any questions about your account please email
How do I use my stipends?
Spikeball will reimburse your expenses. Email receipts to and include any contextual info in the body of the email. 
Keep in mind, we're sponsoring you because you are all amazing athletes, but we also expect you to be amazing human beings and representatives of our brand. To that point, there are some things that we require of you:
  • Be a positive representative of the Spikeball® brand, its sponsors and affiliates, including but not limited to social posts, interviews, and interactions with community members. Bring any issues, concerns, or clarifications to directly to Spikeball (
  • Meet deadlines and follow up with timely communication regarding the Elite program.
  • Participate in questionnaires, surveys, interviews, videos or other opportunities to help develop the sport.
  • Wear matching uniforms at all events
  • Not use any Spikeball logos before getting permission from the marketing department (
If players fail to uphold the expectations laid out in this agreement sponsorship will be revoked.