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The Future of Rule Testing

The Mission

Streamline the rule-changing and testing process to help develop the sport of roundnet.

With the support of the SRA, the Roundnet Data Collection Committee (DCC) was created to be the future of rule testing. We are an independent group of players focused on being the change we want to see in our sport.

Our goal is to turn an individual’s rule-change idea into a well-designed, feasible, replicable, and data-supported rule-change proposal. Implementing this systematic-approach offers everyone an equal opportunity to present and test their rule proposal to the SRA for genuine consideration - we simply aim to be your channel of communication.

How it works

  1. Anyone with a rule/equipment modification can submit a proposal outlining the idea
  2. Proposals are approved by the DCC to be tested by the community
  3. The DCC helps focus testing, aggregate data, and analyze the results

Join the community

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