Watch College Nationals 2023 on ESPN

Contender 4.5 Division

Projected Schedule


9:00am - 12:00pm: Pool Play

1:00pm: Round of 32

2:00pm: Round of 16

3:00pm: Round of 8


9:00am: Semis

10:00am: Finals

Pool & Bracket Play

  • Pools of 6-8 teams
  • 1 games to 15 or 21, cap 25
  • Seeded in single elimination bracket
    • All teams are guaranteed one round of consolation play

Earn Premier

  • Top 4 teams non-premier in Contender division at Challengers & Majors in the US & CAN .
  • Top 8 non-premier teams teams in Contender division at Challengers in EU.
  • Top 3 non-premier teams in the highest division at a Sanctioned Event (max 2 events per SAO).
  • US Players who are US based are not allowed to earn premier with a current US based premier player.
  • Outside the US, premier players are allowed to compete to compete with non-premier players and the non-premier player can still earn premier status. So long as the premier player is not US based. ex: Buddy can’t earn someone else Premier in France, but a French player who has premier can earn their non premier partner the status.

Future Premier

  • All players that earn or re-qualify for Premier in 2022 retain Premier status through 2023.