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College Updates

Nationals Bids:

  • Addition of "true second" at Sectionals - with subjective pool seeding, bracket seeds may not be completely accurate, the addition of true second will lead to a better chance at correct results
    • If the 2nd place team did not beat the 3rd place team in semis - the 2nd place team and 3rd place team play one more match (2/3 to 21) to determine the true 2nd place
  • Bids are awarded to a school not a specific team/player
    • At Nationals, the power pool team can be a different combination of players than Sectionals (must be approved by the SRA)

Squad Seeding:

The addition of the Intermediate division required an adjustment of the point system used for squad seeding. We also wanted to improve how top heavy the previous point system was and create more accurate squad seeding.

For example, in the past 1st/16th/32nd was seeded higher than 2nd/8th/8th. When looking at those matchups head to head, 1st>2nd but 8th>16th and 8th>32nd so the 2nd/8th/8th squad should logically win and therefore be seeded higher.

We are continuously working to make improvements and this change in the point system is a step in the right direction.

  • Squad's seeding in the bracket will be determined by the Squad's combined points based on final placement of the teams from the Individual tournament
  • The order of the teams as part of the Squad will be determined by the final placement of the teams from the Individual tournament






Round of 8

Round of 16

Round of 32

Round of 64










Top 4

Round of 8

Round of 16

Round of 32

Round of 64







    • If two Squads have the same combined point total than the Squad with the higher overall finishing team in the Individual tournament gets the higher seed.
      • If the highest teams on both Squads are knocked out in the same round, the Squad with the highest seeded team entering the Individual tournament gets the higher seed in the Squad bracket.
    • If two teams from the same Squad are knocked out in the same round of the Individual tournament, the point differential in that round will determine which team is seeded higher. (Exception: Losing in 3 games > Losing in 2 games)
      • If point differential is the same then whichever team had the higher seed entering the Individual tournament is the higher team.

Other Reminders:

  • Top Squads at Sectionals/Nationals must have 3 teams, additional Squads can have 2 teams
  • In order to play Nationals: Clubs must be a Recognized Student Organization (RSO)/Club Sport or actively seeking RSO status
  • Stipends won from tournaments will only be deposited into an official club account
  • Lets get a Women's Division at Nationals! (8 teams needed)