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College Roundnet - Spring 2022

Update (12/14/21): We are currently finalizing our spring 2022 tournaments; check back with this page for updates on the 2022 spring season!

Register Your Club

We are making a new club list for Fall 2021! Only needs to be completed by one member of the club.

Tournament Format

Want to be involved in deciding the format of our college tournaments? Apply to our College Competition Board! Applications due 12/27/21

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Degree Seeking Enrollment: S/he must be both accepted and enrolled in a regularly matriculated degree program at the school for which eligibility is to apply. Programs that culminate in only the awarding of a certificate are not considered "degree-seeking."
  2. Half-time Status: S/he must be considered at least a half-time student by his/her school registrar (two (2) full time classes or equivalent as defined by the registrar).

Cooperative Program

Spikeball offers a program that allows two or more schools meeting certain requirements to compete as a cooperative (single-club from multiple schools) in the Spikeball College Series. Please note that this program is the ONLY way students can play together while not attending the same school.


All schools in the proposed cooperative must:
  • have a prior academic affiliation with a significant formal relationship with each other
  • have a history of athletic collaboration
Schools in the proposed cooperative must, at a minimum, meet the above requirements in order to apply. Merely meeting the requirements does not guarantee that the cooperative will be approved. In order to ensure fairness of competition in the college division and minimize the potential for abuse of the rules, cooperative applicants will be evaluated against an extremely high standard, and on a case by case basis, in terms of meeting the above requirements. Prior approval of a cooperative between two institutions does not guarantee approval on subsequent applications.

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