2021 Tournament FAQs

When will event registration open? 

Like past years, registration for tournaments will will open roughly two months before the tournament date and will be listed under the 'Events' tab as well as posted on Spikeball's social media platforms. Should events need to be cancelled or rescheduled, full refunds will be given to all registrants.

How likely is it that the season happens as planned?

The true answer is we can't say for sure quite yet. We've put a lot of work into planning the 2021 and season and want more than anything to run all of the events. With vaccines starting to be distributed, things are moving in a good direction. We will continue to closely follow the situation as it develops and will only run events if we are confident we can do it safely.

What are the format changes for 2021? 

We're running the Advanced and Premier division as two day events. This allows us to remove some of the rush and exhaustion that is typical of our packed schedule in these divisions. Additionally, it lets us focus more attention Saturday on the championships happening in other division, allowing us to celebrate and spectate those matches like they deserve.

With Sunday focused on Advanced and Premier it makes streaming a better, more predictable experience. It hopefully means players are rested and able to perform at their top level and opens the door for more storylines, speculation, and smack talk.

We're also changing our approach to pool play.

  • Smaller pools
  • Best of 3 matches
  • Top teams in each pool move to exclusive bracket. For example, top finishing teams from Premier pool play move into the Pro bracket Teams not qualifying for the Pro bracket, stay in the Premier bracket.  

This format makes pool play games more meaningful, results more accurate, and bracket play games more competitive.

Why aren't all divisions two days? 

A big focus of our event series is growing awareness and participation for the sport. For people who are just getting into competitive roundnet or for divisions that are still gaining traction, offering a one day event presents a much lower barrier to entry.

What happens with Premier status? 

If you were Premier at the end of the 2019 Season, you're still premier. We've extended all Premier statuses by 24 months instead of the usual 12 month span to make up for the cancelled 2020 season. Additionally, if your Premier status would have expired in March we are extending it to the first event of the 2021 season to account for the season starting later than it traditionally does.

What happens with Premier points? 

Points will no longer be depreciated within the current season. Points from a previous season will be worth 25% of their value in the following season. Points last for one season after they are earned (with the exception of 2019 points lasting 2 seasons due to Covid cancellations).
  • Individual players receive 50% of the team points
  • Sum of top 3 individual points = a player's rank
  • Player Rank 1 + Player Rank 2 = team rank
  • 2021 Rank takes the sum of top 3 individual points from 2019 season (divided by 4)

This changes simplifies the system while making the location of the tournaments and timing of schedule less of factor in season rankings.

How does earning a Nationals Pro Division bid work?

There are 16 Pro Division spots at Nationals. At each Tour Series event the top finishing team in the open division earns a Pro bid for nationals.

  • Earn it as a team
  • Must accept or decline bid before the next tour event
  • If the bid is rejected, it drops to the next team that hasn’t yet earned a bid
  • If the next team does not accept the bid, no bid is given for that event
  • At the end of the season, any bids not accepted will awarded to teams with the highest top 3 points earned together as a team

How do the cash prizes work?

Prizes are awarded to the top teams in the highest division of the Open (Premier + Advanced) and Women's (Intermediate + Advanced) categories. Prizes amounts are based on the number of teams registered in Open and Women divisions respectively.

Tour Stop

8 - 31 Teams  

  • 1st - $300
  • 2nd - $150
  • 3rd - $75

32+ Teams  

  • 1st - $1000
  • 2nd - $450
  • 3rd - $200


16 - 63 Teams

  • 1st - $1000
  • 2nd - $500
  • 3rd - $250
  • 4th - $100
  • 5th - $50

64+ Teams

  • 1st - $4000
  • 2nd - $2000
  • 3rd - $1000
  • 4th - $500
  • 5th - $325
  • 6th - $250
  • T-7th - $175
  • 9th - $150
  • 10th - $125
  • T-11th - 100
  • T-13th - $50