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2019 Results

Souteast Tour Stop 3 || Raleigh, NC


1st: Anchored LI - Alvino/Fitzgerald
2nd: Elysium - Childs/Cornelius
3rd: Cho & Chu - Chu/D. Gonzales
4th: Global Beans!!! - Epperson/Vance
5th: Graham/Throw - Graham/Throw
6th: Featuring Ludacris - E. Dantowitz/Spector
T-7th: Chocolate Milk - Marshall/Montgomery
T-7th: Sonic Boom - Bunze/Harte
9th: Cover Models - B. Dantowitz/Drucker
10th: BullCity Spikes - Daming/Delgado
T-11th: ArcAngel - Hinkle/Rizk
T-11th: Power Sweep - Corbett/Powers
T-13th: Coastal Empire - Brumby/Ferreira
T-13th: Cream N' Curry - Laughlin/Louis
T-13th: Pamplemousse - Schmoll/Stanek
T-13th: Power Sweep - SGCP - G. Gonzales/Royse
T-17th: Bigger Eggplant - Abrams/Luskus
T-17th: Bomb Squad - Tejada/Silva
T-17th: Ron Burgandy's Definition of Raleigh - Conrady/Thompson
Earned Premier:
Matt Martinez
Forest Boone
Joesph St. Cyr
Zac Hummel
Event Type Multiplier: 1
Strength Multiplier: 1.1