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2019 Results

Midwest Grand Slam || Chicago, IL


1st: Cisek/Showalter - Cisek/Showalter
2nd: ClubSpike Worldwide - Drucker/Wilkins
3rd: Graham/Throw - J. Graham/Throw
4th: Trippy Lizard - Card/Marshall
5th: Global Beans - Epperson/Vance
6th: Shake n' Bake - Bohnen/Gonzales
T-7th: KAHOOTERS - Baillargeon/Payer
T-7th: Origin Hullaballoo - Hinkle/Hornacek
Event Type Multiplier: 1.2
Strength Multiplier: 1.2


1st: Pepe Silvia - Clem/Powers
2nd: Virtue Signaling - B. Dantowitz/Pierron
3rd: Team 7 - Hamilton/Weber
4th: Sonic Boom - Bunze/Harte
T-5th: A Truly Dubious Duo - Abrams/Daly
T-5th: Origin Flow - Daub/Priller
T-5th: Schweppes - J. Showalter/Zimmerman
T-5th: Serveball Elite - Laughlin/Murthy
9th: Why Do a Brexit Though? - E. Dantowitz/T. Rogers
10th: LoPrinzi/Swimm - N. LoPrinzi/Swimm
T-11th: MY CABBAGES!!! - Ackerman/Gasaway
T-11th: Lake Effect - Bailey/Eash
T-13th: Slice the Mango - Billinghurst/Morgan
T-13th: Ubiquitous - Bradley/Rawlings
T-11th: NSB - Dean/Drouin
T-11th: Elysium - Childs/Cornelius
T-17th: Secret - Hotovy/M. Rogers
T-17th: Busta Rim - Kaptur/Weinberg
T-17th: Nick's Fan Club - Breum/Burrows
T-17th: WySpike Heroes - C. Mowry/L. Mowry
T-17th: Flicy - Dewey/Greer
*Finalized placement awaiting Premier Placement bracket results.
Earned Premier:
Ryan Marino
Nate Ward
Austin Denny
Derek Johnson
Event Type Multiplier: 1.2
Strength Multiplier: 1.2


1st: Boboddy - Farlow/O. Jenkins
2nd: Wingin' It - Rohrer/Shrock
3rd: VA\CA - Graham/Vigna
4th: Trio - Gingerich Showalter/Kauffman
5th: Show Love - J. Showalter/Loveday
6th: Writing His-story - Berchtold/Pfaffmann
T-7th: That's What She Set - Denny/Thomsen
T-7th: The sloths - Elliott/Hearn
9th: Bates/LoPrinzi - Bates/LoPrinzi
10th: Siamese Fighting Fish - Allen/Puhr
Event Type Multiplier: 1.2
Strength Multiplier: 1.3