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2019 Results



1st: Cisek/Showalter - Cisek/P. Showalter
2nd: Boysterous - Bies/Heck
3rd: Graham/Throw - J. Graham/Throw
4th: Yahtzee! - Clem/Marshall
T-5th: Anchored LI - Alvino/Fitzgerald
T-5th: ArcAngel - Hinkle/Rizk
T-5th: Multivariable Fun - Drucker/D. Gonzales
T-5th: Origin Cyber - Bohnen/Hornacek
9th: Never Give Up - Caron-Asselin/Laramee
10th: Schweppes - J. Showalter/Zimmerman
T-11th: Sonic Boom - Bunze/Harte
T-11th: Rocks Don't Swimm
T-13th: BranDan - Spector/Stauffer
T-13th: Power Sweep - Corbett/Powers
T-13th: Do A Barrel Roll - B. Dantowitz/E. Dantowitz
T-13th: Death Eaters - Fleming/Vance
17th: Eponymous - Brumby/Singer
18th: Strong Flush - Brisebois/McLaughlin
T-19th: Cutlass - Dantowitz/J. Zook
T-19th: Grand Rapids Elite - Bailey/Wolschendorf
T-21st: Press A to Spike - Lapp/Royse
T-21st: The Dundies - Stoltzfus/Weaver
T-21st: Kardia - Warren/Wirth
T-21st: Welpacito - Kauffman/Rogers
25th: AP Spikeology - Kandula/Rampino
26th: Slice the Cheddar - Rossi/Morgan
Event Type Multiplier: 1
Strength Multiplier: 1.2


1st: VA\CA - Graham/Vigna
2nd: Overkill - Crete/Gougeon
3rd: Wingin' It - Rohrer/Shrock
4th: Wet Erase Markers - Farlow/S. Zook
T-5th: Ball Busters - Gratton/Potvin
T-5th: Backhanded Compliments - Adalyn Steiner/Aubryn Steiner
T-5th: Peach Spikers - A. Peachey/S. Peachey
T-5th: The CC - Jomphe/Thibault
T-9th: Exothermic - Smucker/Weaver
T-9th: Serv-ivors - Martin/Rutt
T-9th: Supertramp - Walters/Rust
Event Type Multiplier: 1
Strength Multiplier: 1.2