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2019 Results

East Grand Slam || Coney Island, NY


1st: THE Big Shot - T. Cisek/Drucker
2nd: Anchored LI - Alvino/Fitzgerald
3rd: Hornaboles - Boles/Hornacek
4th: Do a Barrel Roll - B. Dantowitz/E. Dantowitz
5th: Mulch - Epperson/Marshall
6th: Graham/Throw - J. Graham/Throw
T-7th: Kahooters - Baillargeon/Payer
T-7th: Dry Liquids - D. Gonzales/Harte
Event Type Multiplier: 1.2
Strength Multiplier: 1.2


1st: BranDan - McFarland/Spector
2nd: Half Cooked - Singer/Vance
3rd: Power Sweep - Corbett/Powers
4th: Renegades - Good/Zook
5th: Lake Effect - Bailey/Eash
6th: Chico Boys - T. Johnson/Buchhauser
T-7th: SubPar - Fragiacomo/Martinez
T-7th: Weaver/Stauffer - Stauffer/Weaver
9th: A Truly Dubious Duo - Abrams/Daly
10th: Rocks Don't Swimm - Rock/Swimm
T-11th: Aardvark - Gasaway/Miller
T-11th: Unetted Kingdom - Gross/Rogers
T-13th: If Lost Call Ezra - D. Dantowitz/Goodnow
T-13th: Pitter Patter - Guffey/Rickman
T-13th: Orange Peel - Conrady/Weaver
Earned Premier:
Cameron Cisek
Eric Zishka
Kevin Crown
Matthew Wettengel
Event Type Multiplier: 1.2
Strength Multiplier: 1.2


1st: Ali/Alli - A. Jenkins/Kauffman
2nd: CA/VA - Coyle/B. Graham
3rd: Wingin' It - Rohrer/Shrock
4th: Boboddy - Farlow/O. Jenkins
T-5th: One Hit Wonder - Duval/Thibeault-Guérin
T-5th: Pocket it Like it's Hot - Heller/Langenbach
T-5th: Slinky - Helm/Medina
T-5th: The Under Taykers - Baker/Taylor
T-9th: Forgot to Warm Up - Carfagno/S. Weaver
T-9th: BreadDogs - Korpi/Shapiro
T-9th: That's What She Set - Goldstein/Lehman
T-9th: Our Friends Forced Us Into This - Mitchell/O'Leary
Event Type Multiplier: 1.2
Strength Multiplier: 1.2