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SRA Top 20 Women's Players - Panel and Community Lists

Panel Voted Top 20

Rank Player Points
1 Becca Graham (Ogres Heroes) 160
2 Alli Kauffman (Ogres Heroes) 147
3 Ashley Gingerich Showalter (Cougs) 138
T-4 Jordi Vigna (RazzMaTazz) 134
T-4 Tori Farlow (RazzMaTazz) 134
6 Julie Haselton (MOXIE) 115
7 Nancy Gougeon (Lagertha) 103
8 Jenna Coleman (MOXIE) 101
9 Olivia Jenkins (Twinz) 97
10 Annelise Rohrer (Wingin' It) 81
11 Michaela Hershberger (Cougs) 67
12 Marie-Eve Bergeron (Lagetha) 60
13 Sarah Zook 59
T-14 Krista Shrock (Wingin' It) 56
T-14 Ali Jenkins (Twinz) 56
16 Kayla Swayze (Diamante/Hubba Bubba) 50
17 Jackie Yoo (Doctor's Orders) 39
18 Tory White (Doctor's Orders) 29
19 Hannah Coyle (Hubba Bubba) 27
20 Kristen Troyer 10

Community Voted Top 20

Rank Player Points
1 Becca Graham (Ogres Heroes) 622
2 Alli Kauffman (Ogres Heroes) 576
3 Ashley Gingerich Showalter (Cougs) 538
4 Tori Farlow (RazzMaTazz) 510
5 Jordi Vigna (RazzMaTazz) 507
6 Jenna Coleman (MOXIE) 425
7 Julie Haselton (MOXIE) 407
8 Nancy Gougeon (Lagertha) 340
9 Olivia Jenkins (Twinz) 322
10 Marie-Eve Bergeron (Lagetha) 314
11 Ali Jenkins (Twinz) 249
12 Sarah Zook 198
13 Annelise Rohrer (Wingin' It) 194
14 Jackie Yoo (Doctor's Orders) 167
15 Michaela Hershberger (Cougs) 152
16 Tory White (Doctor's Orders) 137
17 Kayla Swayze (Diamante/Hubba Bubba) 129
18 Krista Shrock (Wingin' It) 102
19 Frede Crete (Shark Attack) 68
20 Sarah Boucher Gratton (Shark Attack) 63


*To be eligible for these lists, a player must have participated in SRA Women's Divisions in 2018.


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