SRA Open Power Rankings - March 2018

This is the latest edition of the Open Power Rankings for the 2018 season. The list was formed by a panel of 12 individuals, spanning all regions, who discuss the top contenders and then vote on the contenders using this prompt: “If these 30 teams played in 100 tournaments tomorrow, who on average would place the best?”. Panelists then rated teams on a scale of 1-10, with the best team on the contender list given a “10” and the worst given a “1”. The highest and lowest score for each team was removed before averaging the final scores.

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  • Taylen Peterson

    I know the info is easily found by going to last month’s rankings, but as more movement starts to happen it’d be great if you included “Dropped from rankings” and honorable mention (aka received some votes) sections at the bottom.

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