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SRA College Roundnet Top 25 Teams and Top 10 Clubs - Spring 2019

Top 25 Teams

  1. Musty - Jacob Payer/Sam Buckman (Cal Poly SLO - Southwest)
  2. LoPrinziShow - Jesse Showalter/Nicholas LoPrinzi (The Ohio State University - Central)
  3. Ineffable - Addison Powers/Minh Bui (University of Georgia - Atlantic Coast)
  4. PB&J - Blake Rock/Jonny Dariano (University at Albany, SUNY - Northeast)
  5. Musty-er - Ryan Baillargeon/Jason Rhoads (UCLA - Southwest)
  6. Pamplemousse - Jackson Stanek/Tanner Schmoll (Western Kentucky University - Atlantic Coast)
  7. Team 7 - Spencer Weber/Thomas Hamilton (Wayne State)
  8. Cream N' Curry - Grant Laughlin/David Louis(Texas A&M University - South Central)
  9. Kyle&Co - Fredric Hinkle/Kyle Marshall (Texas A&M - South Central)
  10. Chap & Chu - Patric Chu/Kyle Chapman (University of Georgia - Atlantic Coast)
  11. Quincy Deep - Josh Kaplan/Om Shah (Virginia Tech - East Bay)
  12. SLO Bros - Cade Zorio/Warren Foote (Cal Poly SLO - Southwest)
  13. Backpack Boys - Peyton Sparks/Coleman Epperson (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga - Atlantic Coast)
  14. Zig Zag - Zach Webb/Zeke Friedman (Asbury University - Atlantic Coast)
  15. Big Duck Energy - Zachary Duffy/Aidan Potts (University of Oregon - Pacific Northwest)
  16. Recrem - Gus Gonzales/Karry Nussbaum (Mercer University)
  17. ArthecÌo - David Gonzales/Stephen Welch (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga - Atlantic Coast)
  18. Top of the Hill - Jake Oxendine/Ben Bunze (UNC Chapel Hill - Atlantic Coast)
  19. Inside Job - Joshua Swimm/Levi Gross (Cedarville University - Central)
  20. Tiny Tabasco Products - Nick Percise/Connor Harte (UNC Charlotte - Tropic South)
  21. Equipoised - Noah Luskus/Tyler Randall (UGA Tropic South)
  22. Net Whisperers - Alex Daly/Phil Ahl (Northeastern University - Northeast)
  23. Monsoons - Ben Buckman/Brody Yardumian (Riverside - Southwest)
  24. Scratch'em - Luke Mowry/Colton Mowry (Abilene Christian University - South Central)
  25. Our Flag is Better Than Yours - Donald Fung/Kory Steinberg (University of Maryland, College Park - East Bay)

Top 10 Clubs

  1. University of Georgia
  2. Cal Poly SLO
  3. Ohio State University
  4. Texas A&M University
  5. University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
  6. University of California - Los Angeles
  7. Clemson University
  8. Northeastern University
  9. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  10. Asbury University

These rankings were created using a panel of voters, spanning all college sections.


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