SRA 2017 Nationals Prediction Polls and Fantasy Draft

With the biggest roundnet tournament of the year on Saturday, we are expecting the unexpected. With that said, we want to know what the community thinks will go down.

Prediction Polls

Per usual, here are the Prediction Polls for the Premier, Women's, and Advanced Divisions. Select who you think will place in the top 4 and top 8.




Find these poll results in the tournament previews coming out later this week.

Fantasy Draft

And for something new, a roundnet Fantasy Draft!

Fantasy for the 2017 Nationals Premier division will work as follow:

- Each team has a certain cost ranging from $30 to $900.

- You have a budget of $1400 and must select 6 teams.

- You will earn points based on the placements of your teams!

Draft your teams here:

Make sure to properly calculate your spending so that you stay within the $1400 budget!

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