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Spikeball™ Roundnet Association Men's Power Rankings - October 6, 2017

This is the latest edition of the Men's Power Rankings for the 2017 season. The list was formed by a panel of 8 individuals, spanning all regions, who discuss the rankings team-by-team. Injured and inactive teams have been removed from contention. A team is considered active if either (1) the team has competed in the past three months, or (2) one player from the team has competed in the past month. 

Cisek_showalter notched two more wins over Origin Impact en route to a first-place finish at Midwest Regionals. Impact and the combination of Weiler and Hafertepe were able to play them close. Will the #1 team be able to perform next weekend when it matters most?

Strange Embrace fell twice to the new Bud n' Boles at West Regionals. With their impressive season in mind, Rouse and Matson maintain the number two spot. Things are looking good for Strange Embrace to find a podium finish at Nationals for the third year in a row. 

2 Guys' third-place finish at West Regionals was anything but a bad performance. Except for their unexpected loser's bracket loss to Bonta and Hynes in San Francisco, 2 Guys has only lost to cisek_showalter, Strange Embrace, and now Bud n' Boles in 2017. This consistency makes them a scary contender next weekend. 

After their big win at West Regionals, Bud n' Boles landed just behind the two top West teams that they took out. It is still up in the air how they'll compete against the out-of-region top teams. Bud n' Boles versus cisek_showalter is the match-up most fans want to see at Nationals, and Boles and Hammon could win in Chicago if they can beat them.

Hornacek and Drucker were sent to the loser's bracket and later eliminated by cisek_showalter at Midwest Regionals. Although they could not have done much better, they fall a spot as Bud n' Boles is added. In 2015 and 2016 the top Origin team came up a little short at Nationals. Will it happen again?

Anchored LI once again came away victorious in Boston. Alvino and Fitzgerald took out Hilltop Spikes before being sent to the loser's finals by Spicy Rubi. In the grand finals, though, Anchored LI powered through with consistent play to win the next two sets and the event. This solid victory pulls them back up over Golden Set who passed them last month. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Golden Set was not able to compete in a regional. Zishka did find a replacement for Southeast Regionals in Grayson Ayres and was able to split a pair of series with Bolivia and take second. 

Point Loma is the fourth best team in the West and is currently stuck behind the three big dogs. Their wins and losses on the season indicate that the pair should do well next weekend, if they can avoid those West teams, that is.

Spicy Rubi had a good deal of success in their first tournament this season with a second place finish at East Regionals. The pair notched wins over Do a Barrel Roll, the mash-up of Dylan Fogarty and Matt Bohnen, and most notably Anchored LI. Their strength faltered a bit at the end of the day and Anchored was able to take the win from the loser's bracket. Consistency all day will be important for Nationals. 

Matt Bohnen was unable to play Midwest Regionals so Ryan Weiler teamed with Joey Hafertepe. This Origin mash-up placed third with losses to cisek_showalter and Origin Impact. Bohnen teamed up with Dylan Fogarty at East Regionals and also notched a third-place place finish. Both players looked strong and could do well next weekend (if they can avoid Origin Impact who has eliminated them at every event in 2017). 

Hilltop notched a good win over Nashburgh en route to a fourth place finish at East Regionals. Like always, their serving played a huge role in this performance and it may tear apart unfamiliar foes in Chicago. 

Bouncing back from their Round of 16 finish at the Chicago Grand Slam, Easily Dug took first at Southeast Regionals. Card and Core earned wins over Bolivia, the Zishka/Ayres mash-up, and Unicorn Rampage. Like with Bud n' Boles, we are excited to see how they fare against out-of-region opponents.

Bolivia is no longer the #1 pure Southeast team as they fall below Easily Dug. The Gonzales brothers split their series with Zishka and Ayres to take third at Southeast Regionals for the third year in a row. After an explosive May and early June, Bolivia has not found any big wins since. This leaves some uncertainty as to what we will see next weekend. 

Nashburgh placed and played just as expected at East Regionals. This is now the lowest that Wilson and Graham have ever been Power Ranked and a repeat top 4 finish at Nationals isn't looking too likely. 

Like Nashburgh above them, Do a Barrell Roll didn't have any bad losses or great wins at East Regionals. The pair did almost take out Spicy Rubi, so once again I find myself stating that DaBR is on the cusp of a big win. 

Force secured their third fourth place finish of 2017 at Midwest Regionals. This placement and their win over Tetelestai pushes them above the mix of Midwest teams not named cisek_showalter, Impact, or Chaos.

Tetelestai eliminated OATW for the second time in as many tournaments and barely fell to Origin Force to finish T-5th at Midwest Regionals. Cornelius and Throw's losses in 2017 have not been too bad and could go far with a solid pool play and a little bracket luck at Nationals. 

Brambila came down with a sickness the week of Midwest Regionals and was not able to compete. Without any results, these guys drop a few spots. 

With Origin Impact taking the #6 seed at Midwest Regionals, OATW had the misfortune of playing them in winner's quarterfinals. After losing in three games, Tetelestai got the best of them and left Bonta and Showalter 0-2 on the day. 

Double B's is at the five spot behind the powerful West top 4. With only eight teams at West Regionals, it was difficult for them to find any good wins.

Schizik drop down a bit after a standard performance at East Regionals. Their win over PB&J keep them right above them for now. 

PB&J did not fare well in East Regionals pool play and was only able to scrape up one bracket win on the day. Dariano is teaming with Josh Swimm of Salty Meat for Nationals. 

Like PB&J, Shmaneuvments struggled in East Regionals pool play and went 0-2 in the bracket right after. The pair did force Hilltop Spikes to three games, though. 

Spiker No Spiking! shocked many when they took fourth place at Southeast Regionals. After a close match with Daddy's Crackers, they were sent to the loser's bracket by Easily Dug. Once in there, they found two solid wins over Cho's Bros and Unicorn Rampage. 

The Brother's Zimm had some bracket luck at Midwest Regionals where they took out three unranked teams en route to a T-5th finish. 

Honorable Mentions:

  • Bullcity Spikes - Anthony Daming and Juan Ruiz (Youngsville, NC)
  • Flight - Brad Hotovy and Hunter Greer (Allendale, MI)
  • Heckleberry Win - Corey Heck and Caleb Heck (Huntington Beach, CA and Lancaster, PA)
  • Spicy Hands - Owen Holtz and Scott Pease (Natick, MA)
  • Sub-Par Team - Josh Fragiacomo and Jacob Martinez (Ventura, CA)

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