Top West Teams Head to San Francisco for Largest West Tour Stop in History

After the Southeast began Tour Series action last weekend, the West is back with its third event of the season. The San Francisco Tour Stop is slated to be the largest West Tour Stop in history with 117 teams. It is is also the second largest West event of all-time, landing just behind last season's West Regionals which fielded 132 teams. These teams will be competing in the Advanced, Intermediate, and Women's Divisions.

Advanced Division

The 57-team Adavnced Division is bringing a motley crew of teams together. Like at the last two West Tour Stops the power-ranked Wabi Sabi (Preston Bies and Jarratt Rouse), Point Loma Spike (Kenny Ortega and Zach Wood), and SubPar Team (Josh Fragiacomo and Jacob Martinez) will be attending. Chris Hornacek of #4 Origin Vengeance will be mashing-up again, this time with two-time National champ Shaun Boyer as Chicogo.

Wabi Sabi took first place in a convincing fashion at both the Huntington Beach and San Diego Tour Stops. In San Diego, Point Loma fell to them in both winner's and loser's bracket but looked solid and gave them a challenge. Point Loma also double-eliminated Hornacek (who played with Ian Golembeski) at San Diego. This may be Hornacek's chance to exact revenge; although Boyer has not competed since June of last year, this veteran player cannot be counted out.

Kenny Ortega of Point Loma Spikes dives for a ball at the San Diego Tour Stop.

Three other Premier players are traveling from out of the region. The #24 ranked Cho's Bros (Micah Corbett and Caleb Royse) will be joining from the Southeast. The pair placed T-9th at the Atlanta Tour Stop last week. Also, Ezra Dantowitz of the 2018 power-ranked (removed due to injury) Do a Barrel Roll is teaming up with Skylar Shibayama of #25 Spiker, No Spiking! as DaBR-Metrics. Valley 'Dogs (Ridge Bertuccio and Alex Gong) are also attending and will be looking for their second 2018 West Tour top 8 finish.

Alex Gong of Valley 'Dogs serves at the San Diego Tour Stop.

Based on past results Wabi Sabi, Point Loma Spike, and Chicogo are the most likely to place top 3. However, that fourth spot and the top 8 are wide open for the taking. SubPar has placed fourth and T-5 this season and will have to take out a solid team to make the top 4 again. There are many other top 8 contenders, including the San Diego Advanced winners BULKY (Jacob Payer and Connor Francis) and third place finishers at West Regionals Advanced Division TnT (Tyler Strangman and Taylor Johnson).

Like last weekend in Atlanta, with 13 Premier teams there is likely going to be another play out for the "Breakout Baller" and a Premier qualification.

It is anyone's guess how this tournament will end up. Let us know what you think in the Prediction Poll (results to be posted later today).


Seven teams will be competing in the Women's Division in San Francisco on Saturday. Two teams to look out for are Doctor's Orders (Jackie Yoo and Tory White) and See You on the Flip Side (Joelle Nguyen and Kayla Swayze).

How to watch

Bracket matches from this event will be live-streamed on Facebook Live with a scoreboard and commentary. Here is how you can make sure to be notified when each match starts:

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