SRA Open Power Rankings - March 2020

The SRA Power Rankings are created using a panel of 20 voters, spanning all regions. 

Check out the reveal video to see a run through of the Power Rankings team by team OR scroll down to see the full list!

Reveal Video


Full List

Rank Team Name Change Prior
1 Cisek/Showalter (PJ Showalter & Tyler Cisek) 0 -
2 Boysterous (Caleb Heck & Preston Bies) 0 2
3 Trippy Lizard (Clark Marshall & Andrew Card) 2 5
4 Venom (Matt Bohnen & Dylan Fogarty) NEW -
5 Spikers Synonymous (Taylor Church & Tyler Stokes) 1 6
6 Mammal (Kenny Ortega & Josh Fragiacomo) NEW -
7 Toast (Travis Core & Coleman Epperson) NEW -
8 Anchored LI (Anthony Alvino & Ryan Fitzgerald) -1 7
9 ClubSpike Worldwide (Patrick Drucker & Chris Wilkins) 2 11
10 Infinite (Sam Buckman & Jacob Payer) NEW -
11 Schweppes (Jesse Showalter & Micah Zimmerman) 2 13
12 Ghosted (Patric Chu & Addison Powers) NEW -
13 Flight (Brandon Spector & Dan McPartland) NEW -
14 Prophetic (Micah Corbett & Zeke Friedeman) NEW -
15 Dinkin Flicka (David Gonzales & Jackson Stanek) NEW -
16 Cheddar (Fredric Hinkle & Chris Hornacek) NEW -
17 Half Cooked (Zac Vance & Artie Singer) NEW -
18 Echo (Grant Laughlin & Logan Cornelius) NEW -
19 Hand of God (Chandler Hertzler & Austin Rawlings) NEW -
20 Team 7 (Spencer Weber & Thomas Hamilton) -2 18
21 D|K Roundnet (Ben Dantowitz & Josh Kaplan) NEW -
22 Strong Flush (Marc Etienne McLaughlin & Simon Brisebois) 0 22
23 Slice the Mango (Dawson Morgan & Max Billinghurst) -2 21
24 Carnage (Rahul Murthy & Luke Marshall) NEW -
25 To Be Determined (Emerson Dean & Ravi Kandula) -5 20


Team Blurbs

  1. Cisek/Showalter (PJ Showalter & Tyler Cisek) - These Nationals three-peaters have been at #1 on the PR for over two years. Will this be the year they fall from the top spot?
  2. Boysterous (Caleb Heck & Preston Bies) - Boysterous only lost once to a team not named Cisek/Showalter, and it was on the day they beat Cisek/Showalter. Can they do it again?
  3. Trippy Lizard (Clark Marshall & Andrew Card) - With a full-season under their belt, the experienced Trippy Lizard snags the coveted #3 spot going into 2020.
  4. Venom (Matt Bohnen & Dylan Fogarty) - Two hard hitting guys that Logan believes will be at #3 in no time.
  5. Spikers Synonymous (Taylor Church & Tyler Stokes) - After failing to get much recognition until late in 2019, this Utah team keeps moving up and into the Top 5.
  6. Mammal (Kenny Ortega & Josh Fragiacomo) - This new, untested team has the committee a bit skeptical, especially with Fragiacomo's 2019 season with SubPar.
  7. Toast (Travis Core & Coleman Epperson) - A team that we expect to grow over time as the experienced Core works with the fairly new Epperson.
  8. Anchored LI (Anthony Alvino & Ryan Fitzgerald) - The consistent, fan-favorite team that needs some more X-factors to move up the rankings.
  9. ClubSpike Worldwide (Patrick Drucker & Chris Wilkins) - After a strong late season and weak Nationals, we are interested to see which direction they lean in 2020.
  10. Infinite (Sam Buckman & Jacob Payer) - The 2019 College Nationals champs are back and will show that they are more than just flashy servers from Cut Poly.
  11. Schweppes (Jesse Showalter & Micah Zimmerman) - The defensive scramblers are back for another year together, but may need to work on the serving game to break into Top 10.
  12. Ghosted (Patric Chu & Addison Powers) - One of the most improved players teaming up with a strong 2019 contender has us excited.
  13. Flight (Brandon Spector & Dan McPartland) - There is one big question surrounding Flight: Will they attend tournaments?
  14. Prophetic (Micah Corbett & Zeke Friedeman) - Another new Southeast team, boasting a pre-season win on Toast.
  15. Dinkin Flicka (David Gonzales & Jackson Stanek) - Our main concern: how will Stanek match the unique style of Gonzales?
  16. Cheddar (Fredric Hinkle & Chris Hornacek) - This power duo may need to change their ways and improve other aspects to climb up these rankings.
  17. Half Cooked (Zac Vance & Artie Singer) - We expect a handful of "Let's Go's" from Vance as he watches Singer blast serves by opponents, but also wonder how they'll fare in other aspects of the game.
  18. Echo (Grant Laughlin & Logan Cornelius) - You'll hear so much about this team on The Rally Podcast it will be as if we have an echo.
  19. Hand of God (Chandler Hertzler & Austin Rawlings) - Hertzler has been getting the hype from Utah so we'll see if he and Rawlings can live up to it.
  20. Team 7 (Spencer Weber & Thomas Hamilton) - After narrowly missing out on a few Pro divisions in 2019 (including Nationals), the serve-heavy Michigan duo will look to break out with a podium finish in 2020.
  21. D|K Roundnet (Ben Dantowitz & Josh Kaplan) - Not many outside of the East know about Kaplan so this team may have flown under the radar on this PR.
  22. Strong Flush (Marc Etienne McLaughlin & Simon Brisebois) - The best of the North, Strong Flush ended the season with solid results and have not slowed down during this pre-season. 
  23. Slice the Mango (Dawson Morgan & Max Billinghurst) - Slice the Mango had a day at Nationals 2019, finishing 2nd in the Premier Division. Can they build on that day in 2020?
  24. Carnage (Rahul Murthy & Luke Marshall) - Logan refers to Rahul as "the Ultimate Serveballer" but this Texas team will have to keep up their consistency to beat some top teams.
  25. To Be Determined (Emerson Dean & Ravi Kandula) - This team name has been determined, but the jury is still out on Emerson and Ravi, leaving them right at the edge of our rankings.


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