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First Ever SRA Coed Nationals This Saturday at Hollywood Beach, Florida

Although the 2018 roundnet season ended for some last month at 2018 Spikeball Roundnet Nationals in Santa Monica, a group of players still have one more challenge ahead. Over the course of 2018, four Tour Stops and the four Grand Slams hosted Coed Divisions on Sunday. After a competitive season of coed play, the first ever SRA Coed National Champion will be crowned this Saturday at Hollywood Beach in Florida. The 32-team field will be split into a 13-team Advanced Division and 19-team Intermediate Division. 

Looking back at the eight coed tournaments this year, one team stood out: Dilly Dalli. Dylan Fogarty and Alli Kauffman teamed up at five of these events and won four of them. One of these wins came at the largest coed field ever: the Lancaster Tour Stop which featured 45 teams. To add to that success, Fogarty placed first at two other events without Kauffman by his side. 

Despite this strong record, there are a handful of teams that pose a threat to Dilly Dalli, one being Kiwi (Peter Jon and Ashley Showalter). Kiwi is the only team to defeat Dilly Dalli so far in 2018. Back in April, Fogarty and Becca Graham of Riff Raff defeated Peter Jon Showalter and Kauffman in the Atlanta finals. Later in Santa Monica, Dilly Dalli defeated Kiwi in the Grand Slam finals.

Dylan Fogarty of Dilly Dalli serves at the Lancaster Tour Stop. 

At the most recent coed event, the Chicago Grand Slam, Kiwi and Dilly Dalli matched up in the quarterfinals. Lights-out play from both of the Showalter’s lead them to defeat Dilly Dalli and go on to win the tournament, That win for Kiwi shook up the coed scene and a third match between these teams would be exciting to see on Saturday. 

Peter Jon Showalter is a member of the 2017 and 2018 National Champion team Cisek/Showalter, and his teammate Tyler Cisek is also making his way down to Florida. At the first coed event of the year in Huntington Beach, Cisek took home first with Jordi Vigna of RazzMaTazz. This time he is teaming up with Annelise Rohrer of the #6 ranked women’s team Wingin’ it as ChizARa. This duo played at the Chicago Grand Slam and landed in third after losing a close match to Kiwi in the semi finals. 

Olivia Jenkins is boasting two second place coed finishes in 2018. At the Nashville Grand Slam, Jenkins and Clark Marshall (Oliviark) placed second after falling to Dilly Dalli in the finals. The next month, she teamed up with Caleb Heck of The (717) as heck yeah in Chicago. Powered by strong serving by both Heck and Jenkins, the pair scored a big win over Riff Raff to make it to the finals. Once there, the pair battled Kiwi hard. Caleb Heck is perpetually improving, so heck yeah may be even better this weekend in Florida.

Joel Graham of Riff Raff plays body defense at the Lancaster Tour Stop.

In this top mix as well is Riff Raff, consisting of Joel and Becca Graham. In 2018, Riff Raff had a plethora of strong results, including second place at the Lancaster Tour Stop. At Lancaster, Riff Raff scored their best win of the year over Preston Bies and Jordi Vigna. At their most recent events, Boston and Chicago, the pair fell to Dilly Dalli and heck yeah and they’ll need to push through one of these tough teams above to find the podium again. 

Southeast team Tali (Tyler Montgomery and Ali Jenkins) is heading to Coed Nationals and are happy that Oliviark is not attending. At all three coed tournaments Tali has attended this year, they have matched up with their training partners Oliviark and fell to them each time. 

Ezra Dantowitz and Leah White are competing this Saturday after finding a solid 4th place finish at the Boston Grand Slam. 

Teams are traveling far and wide to compete this Saturday! Harding Brumby is a local Southeast player, but his partner Sarah Gratton is heading down from Montreal. More Canadians are in the mix as Cheeky Monkeys (Ian Donaghey and Kayla Lariviere) is coming from Ontario. We also have a couple cross-country travelers, including Tom Witt of California. 

With the caliber of players attending this weekend, the Championship is wide open for the taking. 

How to watch

Bracket matches from this event will be live-streamed on Facebook Live with a scoreboard and commentary. Here is how you can make sure to be notified when each match starts:

  1. Go here:
  2. Select the Follow/Following dropdown button.
  3. Select the little pencil next to Notifications (on mobile select Edit Notification Settings).
  4. Select "All Live Posts" under the Live Videos section.

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