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Collegiate Spikeball™ Roundnet Rankings - Pre-Nationals 2018

Top 25 Teams

  1. Spicy Rubi (University of Massachusetts - Amherst)
  2. Easily Dug (University of Tennessee - Chattanooga)
  3. Coup d'Etat (University of Texas - Dallas)
  4. Schweppes (Rosedale Bible College)
  5. Recrem (Mercer University)
  6. PB&J (State University of New York, Albany)
  7. Shmaneuvements (The College of Brockport)
  8. Model_Todi (Yale University)
  9. Arthecio (University of Tennessee - Chattanooga)
  10. Daddy's Crackers (University of Tennessee - Chattanooga)
  11. Whift Cream (Grand Canyon University)
  12. Spikachu (Baylor University)
  13. Last Resort (University of Georgia)
  14. Filthy Falcons (Messiah College)
  15. Chocolate Milk (University of Tennessee - Knoxville)
  16. Newton Dogs (University of California - Los Angeles)
  17. Bear Necessities (University of Texas)
  18. Lutz of Ferraris (Clemson University)
  19. Spicy Hands (University of Massachusetts - Amherst)
  20. Fwango State (Fresno State College)
  21. Musty (California Polytechnic State University)
  22. Mazungoos (Western Washington University)
  23. Infinite Entropy (Milwaukee School of Engineering)
  24. Sola Fide Spike (Ohio State University)
  25. Foxy Men (George Fox College)

Top 10 Clubs

  1. University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
  2. University of Texas - Dallas
  3. Ohio State University
  4. Mercer Uniersity
  5. University at Albany, SUNY
  6. University of Georgia
  7. Messiah College
  8. Grand Canyon University
  9. University of California - Los Angeles
  10. Northeastern University

Teams and clubs are ranked based on their past performances over the current school year. Teams and clubs must have played in a Spring or Fall sectional tournament to be listed.

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  • Kobe

    Respectfully disagree with these rankings, but I guess that college nationals will settle all of that.

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