Worlds Qualifiers


Think you've got what it takes?

We’re looking for players that want the opportunity to represent the United States on a world stage. This is the chance to be part of the first ever national team and to hopefully take home the World Championship!

Registration closes midnight PST, Monday before the event.


  • All teams must be premier qualified (Men only)
  • The team that wins the qualifier tournament wins a bid to Team USA
  • Only teams that commit to accepting the bid can play in a qualifier
    • This means you have to be available to travel to Belgium Sept 3 - 6, have a valid passport, and will be able to cover travel cost and other associated expenses
  • Once a team has won a bid, they can no longer play in qualifier tournaments

Schedule & Format

  • 8:00am - 8:30am: All teams arrive to check-in
  • 9:00am: Tournament start
    • No pool play
    • Teams are seeded based on cumulative top 5 individual non-depreciated points from past 2019 + 2020 tournaments as of the Sunday morning of the tournament
    • Double elimination starting in the quarterfinals
    • Best of 3 to 21, no cap

Team USA Package

  • Tournament registration
  • 3 night stay at Molenheide Vacation Park (Thurs/Fri/Sat)
    • Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on-site
  • Team USA uniforms from Spikeball's official jersey provider, Savage Apparel Company
  • 20% of all Team USA replica jersey sales by Savage go to players' expenses
  • Players will wear provided jersey and teams will be referred to by players last names.


Location: TBD

Surface: Turf or Grass

Santa Monica/Los Angeles

Location: TBD

Surface: Turf or Grass


Location: TBD

Surface: Turf or Grass

Registered Teams

Raleigh (Women's)

Santa Monica (Men's)

Boston (Men's)

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