Worlds Qualifiers


Think you've got what it takes?

We’re looking for players that want the opportunity to represent the United States on a world stage. This is the chance to be part of the first ever national team and to hopefully take home the World Championship!


  • All teams must be premier qualified (Men only)
  • The team that wins the qualifier tournament wins a bid to Team USA
  • Only teams that commit to accepting the bid can play in a qualifier
    • This means you have to be available to travel to Belgium Sept 3 - 6, have a valid passport, and will be able to cover travel cost and other associated expenses
  • Once a team has won a bid, they can no longer play in qualifier tournaments

Schedule & Format

  • 8:00am - 8:30am: All teams arrive to check-in
  • 9:00am: Tournament start
    • No pool play
    • Teams are seeded based on cumulative top 5 individual non-depreciated points from past 2019 + 2020 tournaments as of the Sunday morning of the tournament
    • Double elimination starting in the quarterfinals
    • Best of 3 to 21, no cap

Team USA Package

  • Tournament registration
  • 3 night stay at Molenheide Vacation Park (Thurs/Fri/Sat)
    • Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on-site
  • Team USA uniforms from Spikeball's official jersey provider, Savage Apparel Company
  • 20% of all Team USA replica jersey sales by Savage go to players' expenses

San Francisco

Location: TBD

Surface: Turf or Grass


Franklin Gateway Sports Complex

1034 Franklin Gateway SE, Marietta, GA 30067

Surface: Turf


Location: TBD

Surface: Turf or Grass

Washington D.C.

Location: TBD

Surface: Turf or Grass

Registered Teams