Premier Division

Why the Premier Division?

The Premier Division elevates the development of roundnet, allowing us to showcase the best athletes and providing beginner and intermediate players a goal to aspire to.

How does a player earn Premier status?

2019 Qualification

In tournaments with a Premier division:

Teams qualify for Premier by finishing in the top 2 of a sanctioned event’s Advanced division. Only the top two teams earn Premier, even if one or both of the top two teams had a Premier player on the roster.  

In tournaments without a Premier division:

The top 8 teams from Advanced will qualify/re-qualify for Premier.
*All 2019 sanctioned events will include a Premier division (as long as there are at least 8 teams signed up).

2019 Re-qualification

To re-qualify for Premier status a player needs to:

  • Compete in the Pro Division of a sanctioned event.

  • Win (or earn a bye) in the first round of bracket play of a sanctioned event’s Premier division.

    • When there is a Premier division, players cannot re-qualify for Premier through the Advanced division.

To earn or re-qualify for Premier status at Nationals 2019 a player needs to:

  • Compete in the Pro Division

  • Place in the top 16 of the Premier Division

  • Place in the top 2 of the Advanced Division

Mashup teams can compete in the Premier Division as long as both members have previously met the criteria.


The top 2018 International players earned Premier for the 2019 season. These players include: James Docking & Andy Hunter (AUS), Tom Rogers & Tommy Nichols (UK), Nils Grimm, Nico Hullman, David Friesen, Soren Volkerson, Lukas Schmandra and Stefan Re (Germany).

What are the benefits of Premier status?

Play against top competition Exclusive access to invite only tournaments Inclusion in power pools at SRA Sanctioned events Greater coverage and exposure in blogs, podcasts, power rankings, etc. Opportunity to win bigger cash prizes.

How long does a player retain Premier status?

Premier status will last 12 months from the point of qualification. For example, if you qualified in February of 2018 you’d be considered Premier through February of 2019 (e.g. Teams that qualify for Premier on 2/17/18 retain the status through 2/28/19).

Are there restrictions on Premier players?


  • Premier qualified players are not allowed to play in the Intermediate division.

When a Premier division is present:

  • Premier qualified teams are not allowed to play in the Advanced division.

  • A Premier player that meets the following criteria over the previous 12-month span (Upper Premier) is not allowed to play in the advanced division:

    • Compete in the Pro division at Nationals 2018

    • Top 4 Premier finish (or Advanced if there was no Premier division)

    • Top 8 Premier finish 2 times (Nationals 2018 does not count as there was a Pro division)

    • Any player that has a Top 2 Advanced finish 2 times is restricted from playing Advanced (Nationals 2018 does not count but Top 2 Premier finish at Nationals 2018 counts towards this)

Who has qualified for the Premier Division?

Check out a summary of all of the qualified Premier players here.