College Series - Coronavirus Update

Sectionals Update

With everything going on, we have decided to cancel the remaining College Sectionals for the safety of the players and the communities involved. This obviously was not a decision we made lightly. We put a lot of effort and investment into these events and also understand that players invest their time and money to be involved, so it is disappointing for all of us. All teams will be refunded the full amount and the events will not be rescheduled.

Power Pool Update

The SRA & Sectional Leaders Board have awarded power pool bids for the remaining 6 Sectionals based on Fall 2019 results.

PNW - Oregon & Central Washington

SW - Cal Poly SLO & UCLA

AC - Clemson & Knoxville

TS - UGA & Florida

SC - Texas A&M & ACU

NE - Northeastern & Northeastern

C - OSU & Wayne State

EB - Virginia Tech & Richmond

GL - University of MN & Iowa State

Nationals Update

For this tournament all participating clubs must be approved to play by their school. For long-term growth it's essential that clubs have great relationships with the schools. We do not want to jeopardize this relationship by students making choices that go against the guidance of their schools. We are saddened that this may prevent teams from attending but believe it is the responsible move for your club. The status of Nationals will continue to be monitored and players will be updated as the situation changes.