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2022 Series Overview

What's New for '22

Spikeball Championship

We’re broadcasting it on ESPN and adding a coed division.


These events amplify the points, prizes, and party. They're the only spot where teams earn an auto bid to the Championship's Pro division.


Spikeball is excited to partner with local roundnet organizations on these events. Players can earn Premier, prizes, and points that feed into the event series. The Challenger Series will run all on Saturday with coed on Sunday. And, for the first time ever, the event series will expand to Europe!

What's the goal?

Take roundnet to the next level

📈 Create an elevated tournament atmosphere 

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Get a bigger audience to see the best players

Make coed an integrated part of our series

🔦 Spotlight all the top divisions

🤝 Build partnerships with local roundnet organizations

🀺 Offer a mix of 1 and 2-day events for the top divisions

🇪🇺 Expand opportunities to play outside the US

More on the Challenger Events...

The Spikeball Tour Series has always allowed competitors from anywhere on the planet. We’ve seen players from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, and Australia. You could always compete from anywhere, we just didn’t make it easy. We want that to change.

Outside the US, players follow our broadcasts, top teams, and our particularly American way of debating everything online. Now, we want them to be a part of it…well, maybe not that last part.

The Challenger Series enables more players to earn Premier, get their first Pitcher, and be part of our conversations and content. It’s a way for us to support the wild growth of this sport. We couldn’t be more excited to stamp our passports and expand our definition of community.